Cyber Sex: Glee Gets Some gURL Power and Fridays Just Aren’t As Fun

Us right now.

For the past two seasons of Glee, Ryan Murphy and the other producers have written every episode by themselves. Now they’re getting a proper writing staff,  and they’re hired two females already. gURL power, y’all! [Deadline]

If you were planning on kick starting your weekend with Rebecca Black‘s “Friday”, you’ll have to settle for the Director’s Cut version here. Rebecca asked YouTube to take down the video because she thinks ARK Music Factory is exploiting her image — but considering the “new” vid is exactly the same and just with a different company, we’re wondering if there’s more to the story… [Jezebel]

And if you’re looking for some weekend entertainment you can always check out Emma Robert’s new movie, The Art of Getting By (and our awesome giveaway). In a recent interview Em opened up about her new movie, her “unibrow,” and her guilty pleasures. [PopEater]

Speaking of new movies have you seen the trailer for the new Muppets movie yet? They’re totally spoofing Green Lantern. We likey. []

Last but not least, in honor of Father’s Day weekend, here’s a quiz that lets you know which TV father you dad is most like. How cute! [Vanity Fair]

Have you seen anything good on the web this week? Leave it in the comments!

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