I Can’t Get a Tampon In

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Hi Heather,

I am sixteen and have been having my periods for about a year but I have always used pads. I want to start using tampons but every time I have tried to insert a tampon I can only push it in a little bit as I can feel something which I think is most probably my hymen as I am still a virgin, and I can only push it in a little bit without it hurting. I have heard rumors that doctors can ‘clip’ your hymen but I didn’t know if it was true. I was also wondering that if it was true would my doctor be able to remove my hymen so I would be able to use tampons?

Not being able to use a tampon is a common problem for a lot of gURLs,  but it has way less to do with your hymen than it does with your pubococcygeus (aka PC) muscles. Tampons may stretch out your hymen, but that little piece of skin in your vagina actually has a very small opening for menstrual flow. Your hymen doesn’t need to be broken, and getting it clipped is something you definitely don’t need to worry about doing.

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It sounds like the problem here is that you just need to relax. Being too stressed out about inserting a tampon is usually the main reason why it’s hard for gURLs to use one. When you get nervous or feel a little pain, you tense up your PC muscles, making it difficult for any object to enter your vaginal canal. Take a few slow, deep breaths and calm yourself down before you try again. Maybe try using a mirror so you can see down there. It also helps to be slightly lubricated, ideally from your vaginal fluids.

All tampons are different, so be careful which ones you pick. For your first time, try using a small ‘light flow’ tampon, which will go in much easier than a ‘super’ one will. Also, I would pick one with a plastic applicator rather than cardboard or none at all — it’ll be easier to slide in. And you might feel a tiny bit of pain when you’re doing it, but that’s normal at first. You just need to gently push it in there the first time, and after that, it’ll be much easier.

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Still not working? There’s lots of other menstrual products on the market for gURLs who don’t like tampons. It might be worth looking into getting a menstrual cup or sponge.

What about you, gURLs? Have you ever had trouble using a tampon? Got any tips of your own? Share your stories and advice below.

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  • BeLoud25

    I’m 25, used pads my entire life, but I want to start using Tampon. Just that it won’t go in… I’m stressed out for the pain…. I followed almost all the instructions…. But even so, just couldn’t… And I waisted 2 tampons already… :S :S Plzz Help me!!

  • please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have had my period for about 2 years and i can’t get a tampon in, it hurts! I push it in a little bit and then its like there is a wall and it just stops and it hurts when i try to push a little bit further! i don’t want to damage anything so please help!!!!!!

  • Amelia

    I’m 27 and have always had problems using tampons. The tampon instructions I have say, “Once you have the tampon partly inside the vaginal opening, use your middle finger to push the tampon fully inside the vagina. You should aim your finger towards your tailbone when guiding the tampon in. Push your finger inside to its full extent, which will place the tampon in the central part of the vagina where there are few nerve endings.” The part of the instructions that I can never do is, “push your finger inside to its full extent.” Whenever I’ve tried to do that it REALLY HURTS, even if I’m completely relaxed. Is this because my cervix is quite low? I can only push the tampon in until 1/3 my middle finger is inside the vagina, but that is all. When the tampon is in as far as it can go I can usually not feel it anymore, but sometimes I can still feel it a bit. I’ve used pads most of my life, but a few years ago I started using a menstrual cup – the small soft Yuuki cup – and it is fantastic! I recommend it very, very highly to girls and women who don’t like tampons and want an alternative to pads.

  • Help!

    So I had my period about 1 year and half maybe and I been trying to stick one there and I cant so I have been using a mirror but I still cant I make myself relax but still cant. My friend has been pressuring me into trying but I cant get it in. Anymore suggestions? Im 15 and I have small ones too.

  • Tinkerbell

    My problem seemes to be the similar to Popster’s. (I’m 14 as well, have had my periods for 6 months)

    I tried to put in a tampax pearl lite tampon in this morning but it would not go anywhere!!! I followed the direction of the blood and I was certainly in the right area, but when I poked around it wouldnt go in. I absolutely hate pads. Also, I do a lot of swimming. I really really really want tampons to work! HELP!

  • Popster

    I am 14 and I have had my period since I was almost 13. I have recently tried getting a tampon in but it won’t work. It doesn’t really hurt as such it just aches a little and doesn’t seem to go further than about a quarter of the way in. I might just be panicking but it kind of scares me because I do want to swim and stuff. Help please!!!