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The fear of masturbation did not die with Dr. Kellogg. As recently as 1994, publicly saying that masturbation was acceptable could cost you your job. This happened to Jocelyn Elders, who was the Surgeon General at the time. At a United Nations-sponsored conference on AIDS, Elders said that masturbation, “Is a part of human sexuality, and it’s a part of something that perhaps should be taught.” Shortly after making these daring remarks, she was asked to resign. With such a long and negative history, it’s no wonder so many people think masturbation is abnormal or dangerous. Though today’s health care professionals and sexuality educators know that masturbation is a healthy and safe activity, it’s a message that a lot of people still need to hear.

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  1. avatarKim says:

    Wow people are startin sex way to young I am 20 lost my v card at 16 and I regret it make sure u are ready emotionally before u do anything

  2. avatarBrianne says:

    My brother brought his friends over to my house with their girlfriends and I was mastrubating and forgot to lock the door. One couple wanted to have shower sex in the bathroom I was using and walked in not noticing me and fell into the shower half naked. When they did notice me they got dressed pulled me out of the shower tied my legs together and raped me they tied me onto the wall and licked my vagina and fucked me. Stuck his penis into me and I had orgasm right there on the floor. Then the girls started taking pics of my boobs and vagina. They’re still on google images just type in porn girl. I felt so sexy I had to go along with it I rubbed myself and even used a coat rack as a stripper pole.

  3. avatarBabygirl says:

    I love masturbating it feels amazing! I usually take an electric toothbrush (that I dont use) and rub it on my clit! It makes my pussy feel so good and I have the best orgams by it!

  4. avatarhayward says:

    Its funny hiw these lil girls know about all this… what has the world come to

  5. avatarsex pro says:

    Ok im 13 and one day I had sex with my uncle and cousin heres the story. My mom left me alone with uncle on new years because she was partying. So my uncle says hi my very sweet niece I love so much. I said me too. I told him we should watch a movie but he gets to choose it. And giess what movie he choose a sex movie not a guide for starters. I said why this this is gross. Then I caught him staring at my pussy. He then grabbed me and tied my arms and legs. I was screaming and yelling he told me to shut the fuck up. I was very scared. He was gonna rape me. He stared taking his clothes off and he took mine off as well. I told please dont hurt me. He didnt listen to me at all. He put his big dick 15 inches long into my pussy I was screaming like heck. He pumped in and out real fast. 4 hours past and he still raping me!! He said dont feel good ? I yelled no I hate u im telling my mom! He shoved his dick in my mouth to shut me up. Then my 47 year old cousin walkedd into the room naked and started fucking my butthole. I had my uncle at my pussy my cousin at my butt both holes getting fucked at the same time. It was 6 at night znd it finally ended. I told my mom and I went to the hospital because I was in great pain. I almost died but im lucky im still alive. My uncle went to jail cousin in jail as well. They were never seen agsin.

  6. avatarjasmine says:


  7. avatarjasmine says:

    Wow I never masturbated I think thats just so fucking gross wtf I wrong with people

  8. avatarunknown says:

    im thirteen and ive been masturbating for a few years. I don’t use objects, I grind my legs together until I feel that sensation. I feel all alone because all I see on sites is the use of vibrators, dildos, or their hands. am I masturbating correctly or what? please help me.

    • avatar13 year od girl says:

      i am 13 to I use my hands old vibrating toothbrush pens markers and big round markers I have done it for 2 weeks I love it it feels so good

  9. avatarChelsea says:

    I am fourteen and I am too embarrassed to get a vibrator what should I do:(???

  10. avatarqwerty says:

    I masturbate twice a day? Is this okay? I’m a boy. Also I want to ask how to dispose all the cum b’coz I just flush it down the toilet. Also i wanted to ask if i could also teach my 10 year old sister how to masturbate coz we bathe together and she’s being really curious about her body after puberty and looks at me while i’m masturbating and she has said that she really wants to try it.

    • avatarJess says:

      That’s a problem. You shouldn’t be bathing with your 10 year old sister and/or masturbating in front of her.

  11. avatartaylor says:

    Does masterbation effect having kids in the future?

  12. avatarcross_roads says:

    Im 15 and I have never done that kinda stuff before, but I have recently started dating this guy and he has been trying to get me “into” this. I know it’s normal and everything but I cant help feeling scared about it and I really dont wanna do it but I do aswell… what should I do??

    • avatarDonna says:

      Hey. I might seem young and all (I’m 14) but it’s perfectly normal, my boyfriend got me into masturbation and I’m totally fine with it now. I was also scared at first but then I got used to it and it’s actually kinda fun c; lol if you’re not comfortable with the thought of masturbating though don’t do it, you don’t wanna force yourself to do something you don’t really want to do :/.

  13. avatar???????? says:

    Reading this article has helped a lot, I masturbate, but I always thought there was something wrong with me doing it. But after reading this and the comments I realize it is perfectly normal. Is it better to masturbate, or have sex? I personally think I am very young to have sex (I’m 15) but masturbating helps me to release those “feelings” so that I don’t have too many risks (like getting a STD, pregnancy, or regretting it later on) if I have sex.

  14. avatarGiggygirl says:

    I masturbate like three times a day. Is that healthy? And my friend that is a guy also masturbates everyday as well I he loves it, I love masturbating but is three times a day to much?

  15. avatarkira says:

    Masturbation feels so gooooooood!

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  17. avatarshannon says:

    When i try to masturbate i bleed a lot and it usually happens everytime i try to and when my boyfriend fingers me i bleed! I also have major hair loss and im begining to think something is wrong! My period is still regular tho and i dont have any pain! Help?

  18. avatarGamer_girl says:

    I’m 15, and I’m horny all the time.. Every single night. Is that bad? I obviously masturbate but I don’t think it’s getting me anywhere, it doesn’t make me any less horny. Can anyone help?

    • avatarsome- body relates says:

      yo iam 16 an a guy iam horny all the time so i wonted to know is it just males but know i see female even at our age get horny too. me personally masturbate every night. i think there nothing wrong so KEEP BEING HEALTHY AN HORNY!!!!!!!!!!!

    • avatarGina says:

      Gamer_girl, just keep masturbating often, more than once a day every day! It is not at all bad. Find a guy you know very well and trust and then perform oral sex on each other. After you’ve finished oral sex then perform intercourse. Be enthusiastic every time you have sex with a guy. If you’re still horny have a threesome or moresome. You should thank God you were blessed with a strong sex drive. If you’re not ready to have sex with a guy, keep on masturbating. It’s safe, clean and fun!

      • avatarKeaira says:

        Why would you suggest that a 15 yr old participates in oral sex ?! Why would you make any of these suggestions ?!

    • avatarRachel says:

      You have a very high sex drive. Nothing wrong. Just how your body is.

  19. avatarAlways-Aroused-Lol says:

    I have a few questions:
    1) I’m straight, but I find lesbian sex and shemales (girls with penis’) really hot. Does this make me bisexual?
    2) I masturbate quite often when I’m sexual frustrated. Without using sex toys, does anyone know how to give tips on how to orgasm? I feel that will release some sexual tension, but I’ve never quite gotten there yet. Please answer, it would be much appreciated :)
    (I’m 15 by the way)

    • avatar???? says:

      It doesn’t necessarily make you bi,i am sometimes turned on by lesbian sex to and im completely straight. It just depends on what turns you on. I’m almost 16 and have been masturbating since i was in 6th grade (now im a sophomore) and the only way i have been able to get myself to orgasm is by rubbing the outside kinda fast and it works loads! I have yet to try to do it by the inside though so i am not sure how but i hoped this helps!

    • avatarnicholle says:

      Oh my gosh I thought I was the only one. I don’t like girls and can’t see myself with one but I find lesbian and she make porn a huge turn-on. Breasts are really attractive to me too. What does that mean? I’m 15, I masturbate too. I don’t use a dildo however. I just rub y click really fast from left to right and finger myself until I cum.

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