The Complete Guide To Masturbation

In the Victorian Age, chastity belts were sometimes used to try to "cure" masturbation.

Really. In fact, it appears that much of the religious opposition to masturbation is based on an interpretation of a biblical passage about a man named Onan who used the withdrawal method to prevent pregnancy. Nevertheless, many contemporary religions still teach that masturbation (or any other sexual activity outside of marriage) is wrong. In reality, this is really just a matter of personal conviction, as there is no scientific evidence that masturbation is harmful. One of the worst times for masturbation was during the Victorian era. During much of the 19th century, doctors falsely warned that masturbating would cause hair to grow on the palms, lead to paralysis or decrease a person’s intelligence. One of these doctors, John Harvey Kellogg, believed that masturbation was caused by “hot urges.” He thought the practice was a dangerous drain on the body’s energy reserves and so made countless bizarre recommendations to parents in the hopes that they would be able to prevent their children from masturbating. When his most radical ideas (like circumcision for both boys and gURLs) were ignored, Kellogg decided to invent a food that tasted so boring and bland that it would cool the urge to touch oneself. In the end, this food had no effect on masturbation, but it sure had a lasting impact on the breakfast market. Yes, Kellogg was the inventor of none other than Kellogg’s Cornflakes cereal.

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  1. avatarKate says:

    I lock my door. … watch something erotic. lay on my bed naked. slowly rub my tits gentle moving towards my belly .my legs then rub my clit using my fingers.. slowly enjoying .
    trust me it works

  2. avatarCasie says:

    I am 15 as well and glad to see all of these tips and comments. I always felt like I was too young to be masterbating and I felt like I was ‘bad’ if I did. But I do it a lot and now I’m getting to the point where I wanna have sex. But I don’t wanna loose it so young. But every time I see my boyfriend I just wanna jump on him and take his clothes off. (I feel like I sound like a horrible person for saying that) But I’m not able to get off very easily by my hands. I can’t find a good way to pleasure myself anymore

    • avataranon says:

      use the shower head, or get right under the bath where the water comes out and trust me it’s a lot less work and feels great

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