The Complete Guide To Masturbation

What's your fantasy?

More FAQ’s Q: Is it okay to fantasize about things you wouldn’t normally do when you masturbate? Does that mean you’re going to do them? If you fantasize about someone, does that mean you are in love with or truly attracted to him or her? A: Lots of people fantasize about things they wouldn’t want to do in real life. Fantasies are a good way to try out ideas. Additionally, they can help people explore sexual feelings in a safe and healthy manner. Many people have a rich fantasy life and have no interest in actually attempting any of the things they fantasize about. For example, you might fantasize about a specific person, but never even want to date them in real life. The beauty of fantasies is that they are yours to control and no one needs to know about them but you. Q: Is it possible to masturbate yourself without actually touching yourself — just by rubbing against something? A: Sure. Some gURLs masturbate by rubbing against pillows or blankets or other objects. Everyone likes to be touched in a different way. There is no rule that says you have to use your hands. Q: Why does a gURL get wet during masturbation? What if you don’t get wet? Can you still orgasm? Does it mean that there is something wrong with you? A: When a gURL gets turned on, her vagina lubricates and “gets wet.” But some gURLs just don’t get that wet no matter how turned on they are. In this case, a gURL might want to use an artificial lubricant for sex play. Though being lubricated can make sex play more comfortable, it is still totally possible for a gURL to have an orgasm even if she isn’t “wet.” Q: Do couples masturbate in front of each other? Isn’t that embarrassing? A: Some couples masturbate in front of each other and others do not. There are a lot of reasons for this. Everyone has different views on masturbation. These views may make people more or less comfortable sharing this type of sex play with a partner. Masturbating in front of a partner is a form of safer sex because you aren’t exchanging body fluids. Some people enjoy it because it is a turn on. Others like the fact that by showing someone how you masturbate you can more easily help your partner learn what you find pleasurable. Of course, no one should ever participate in any kind of sex play he or she isn’t comfortable with. It is perfectly fine if masturbating with a partner just isn’t your thing. Q: Is it possible to be totally silent when you masturbate? A: Yes. Though some people make noises when they are masturbating, plenty of folks don’t. Making noises — like moaning — can be a sign that a person is enjoying himself or herself, but it’s not the only way people express pleasure. Plenty of folks enjoy masturbating without making a peep. Q: Can people tell that you masturbate? Can a gyno tell if you have masturbated? A: Nope. The only way someone can know you masturbated is if you tell him or her. There are no physical signs at all. Some gURLs worry that a gynecologist will know they masturbated if their hymen has been stretched, but there are plenty of non-sexual ways to stretch the hymen including riding a bike or horse, doing gymnastics and even using a tampon. Even though you are completely within your rights to choose to keep masturbation private, it is important to remember that there is nothing wrong with masturbating and it is nothing to be embarrassed about.

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  • Anastasia Cruz

    I hate to say it but maybe toys are just necessary for a woman’s orgasm duty unless the couple happens to get lucky and she has one during sex. Maybe we just need to accept this with some women and stop seeing a ‘problem’ with this circumstance. There is also a chance to try iwantucams_com/search/model/hairColor/brunette with your gf. Otherwise, everything else that makes the sex good might be compromised in an effort that toys can readily address.

  • Leia Groves

    is it alright for a 11 year old girl to masturbate?

    • Janet

      Look im not stating facts but ive heard plenty of stories of people starting earlier than that. Im 12 and i started when i was your age im almost 13 though. i think its normal because around our age teens and pre teens usually start to feel urges. And its totally normal just embrace and enjoy yourself because after all noone has to know and its natural

  • lisa

    I am a 14 girl and I have played with myself since I was eight. I get off by rubbing my hard clit up and down fast and sometimes fingering my ass hole. I taught my brother who is 12 to rub me and he has learned to shoot off.

  • 23rdDancer

    Hey I’m a girl and my boyfriend and I have been talking about this stuff recently and he wants to finger me and I’m okay with that, like I feel ready, the only problem is that whenever I’ve tried to finger myself, I never orgasmed and I don’t want that to happen in front of him … help?

  • Kate

    I lock my door. … watch something erotic. lay on my bed naked. slowly rub my tits gentle moving towards my belly .my legs then rub my clit using my fingers.. slowly enjoying .
    trust me it works

  • Casie

    I am 15 as well and glad to see all of these tips and comments. I always felt like I was too young to be masterbating and I felt like I was ‘bad’ if I did. But I do it a lot and now I’m getting to the point where I wanna have sex. But I don’t wanna loose it so young. But every time I see my boyfriend I just wanna jump on him and take his clothes off. (I feel like I sound like a horrible person for saying that) But I’m not able to get off very easily by my hands. I can’t find a good way to pleasure myself anymore

    • anon

      use the shower head, or get right under the bath where the water comes out and trust me it’s a lot less work and feels great

    • Divine

      Girl all you need to do is breathe and rub your body or take a super in the shower start by rubbing your clit then go faster

    • Divine

      Girl all you need to do is breathe and rub your body or take a super in the shower start by rubbing your clit then go faster