I Want Bigger Boobs

Size doesn't really matter.

Hey Heather,

Does birth control really make your boobs bigger??

So I’m really paranoid by the size of my boobs. I know, everyone says to just wait and you’ll learn to love you flaws. But people in my town always make such a big deal about them, and I just want to get over this. I heard that birth control can make your breast’s bigger and I just wanted to know if it was true? Or if ANYTHING else works besides getting fat or getting surgery.

Lots of gURLs are self-conscious about their breasts — even those who have big boobs The size of your bust depends upon how much fat you tend to store there, which is determined by factors like your genes, your weight, your health and your age. Currently, there’s no real way to do that besides getting plastic surgery. Even gaining weight doesn’t guarantee larger breasts, since everyone’s body fat gets distributed in different ways.

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Going on birth control pills just to get bigger boobs is definitely not your best option. While some pills do make your breasts larger because of the extra estrogen in your system, that’s not true for all of them. Not everyone experiences the same side effects, so what happens to one gURL might not happen to you.

If you really want to change the appearance of your breasts, try wearing push-up bras. Padded bras like The Miraculous Bra from Victoria’s Secret promises to make you appear up two cup sizes. And certain exercises on your pectoral muscles (the ones underneath your breasts) can make your bust look perkier.

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I know it’s hard to hear that you just need to accept your body, but it’s a cliché because it’s the truth. Everyone may seem obsessed with boobs, but the most attractive gURL is the one who’s comfortable in her own skin. Seriously.

What about you, gURLs? Have you ever wanted larger breasts? Got any tips of your own? Share your stories and advice below.

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  • Erin

    I’m 13 and I wear a 32AA and all of my friends wear B’s and C’s and they make fun of me for it:( and worse, in front of boys.

  • Sunaka

    i think my boobs are too small, i’m 31year,s not married. how can I make my boobs bigger.
    Pls help me.

  • Caroline

    I always had small breasts and wasn’t happy about it. Decided to go on pills for several reasons: had very painful and irregular periods, which started when I was 16 so very late comparing to my friends. I had couple symptoms that made me think I lack feminine hormones and went to my GP to ask for advice. I’m on mycrogynon for 9 months now and see the difference in my body: better shapes (didn’t gain much weight), better mood and bigger breasts – from 32A to 32C 🙂
    For girls that are less than 16, you really need to wait for a while and let your body grow naturally without any help from the “inside”. All you can try is breast massage and cold showers 😉

  • monae

    im tired of everyone saying wait and they will come and to be happy with yourself dammit i want them medium if you can help me with that thanks if not i dont really care what you have to say now a tip is to drink milk,massage them,and to do push ups

  • ahliya

    I wish I had bigger boobs
    Anyone there can help me please on how can I make my boobs bigger

    Can email me crazytwinss@hotmail.com

  • MaryJane420

    Girls are allowed to be on birth control at the age of thirteen. Not ALL girls use contraception just for sex. They can use them to help the acne or to maintain weight. Some girls at a young age have very bad periods and need contraception to make it less horrid. Girls also use contraceptions just to have a regular period :] Contraceptions aren’t JUST for sex, they’re used for many other reasons(:

    • Clocc

      Yeah I get those pains extremely bad on my periods, my mom said that birth conntrol would help but she wasn’t sure if it was safe. Thanks for the info

  • Caroline

    i think my boobs are small, i’m 13 and i wear a 32A. :/

  • Sheeba

    My boob size was very small. I want a big boob. What can i do for it?

  • Jenna Nicole

    Well You Shouldn’t Be Very You Know Nad About Your Boobs Being Small Mine Is Small Sure I Wish They Where Bigger But Who Cares I Mean They Are Just Boobs…
    ~Jenna Nicole

  • LittleMissMorgan

    im on birth control and im 13 and every one that ive been on yes it makes my breasts larger i wear a 38D and there still growing but there hard and tender and gross

    • Alex

      Why are you on birth control at 13?!?!

    • Rosie

      Kids these days.

    • Caroline

      i’m 13 and i’m not even thinking about birth control! are you mad?!

      • Leslie

        Just as a note, some girls have issues with their periods, such as very painful, intense cramping and birth control helps. It’s not always for preventing pregnancy.

  • Taylor-Anne

    I’m 17 and still wear a 34A, I definitly don’t like my size wish they were bigger but there is nothing I can do. I just joke about it by saying wht boobs or I blame my mother for this.