The Top 5 Most Exciting Tech Advancements

The Wii U!

Doesn’t it seems like every week, another new gadget or tech advancement is being announced? They don’t usually blow our minds too badly, but we’ve recently found five tech advancements that are pretty awesome.

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1. Google Chromebook. The Chromebook is all about the built in Wi-Fi and 3G. All of your information is stored in a “cloud” instead of your computer itself. Which basically means that you can get your docs, e-mails, pics, music, and everything else from anywhere there’s Internet access.  The Chromebook starts up in 8 seconds, automatically updates your apps, and has built in security.

2. iPhone 5. So, we don’t know when exactly the iPhone 5 will be coming out, and we don’t know what it will look like when it finally does, but the rumors about it keep appearing anyway. Supposedly not only will the iPhone 5 be completely redesigned, but it will feature 4G (which will make it run even faster) and be available in white.

3. The Wii U. What’s better than a Wii? Nothing… which is why we’re pumped for Wii U. This gaming system has the same concept as our beloved, but has better graphics, more accurate motion control, and a touch screen.

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4. Facebook Facial Recognition. The latest in Facebook’s creepy new features is easily Facial Recognition. Basically, now when your friends upload pictures of you to their albums, Facebook will recognize your face and offer to tag you in all the photos. Cool with some gURLs, but so not with others. If you fall into the latter camp, check out this guide to disabling those settings.

5. G-Slate, the LG Tablet. Sure, the iPad looks cool, but it’s more focused on entertainment than anything else. This tablet is geared towards the gURLs out there interested in creating, writing, and editing, rather than just reading and game playing.

What do you gURLs think? Will you be buying any of these gadgets? Or do you have your eye on some other cool new tech toy? Discuss!

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