Discuss: Do You (Really) Think Selena Gomez is Pregnant?

Are you worried about her?

By now we’ve all heard that Selena Gomez was rushed to the hospital on Friday after taping her appearance on The Tonight Show. And while it’s being reported that Selena will be just fine, no one is saying why she was hospitalized to begin with.

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Now people are coming up with their own reasons — and some are saying that the reason Selena is in the hospital because she’s pregnant with Justin Bieber‘s baby. We’re thinking they theories have something to do with these pics of her and Justin… and you know, because Bielbers freaking hate her.

What do you think about the gossip? Could Selena be pregnant and hiding it? Do you think that’s why she’s in the hospital? If not, then what do you think is wrong? Share your thoughts below.

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  • EditleReode

    first of all i plan to speak hi to everybody

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  • Luis

    It looks like he already lost his vinigrity just by how they were stuck together like glue.. They aren’t ever like that except in Hawaii don’t they know little kids look up to them?? She’s more of a slut then Miley Cyrus.. But since both Selenas and Justins mom were pregnant at such a young age.. I will give it a few months or years or so.. You can tell they are deffanitley in love.

  • chelisha

    she s not preggo she wouldnt be sebt to hospital for a test.

  • E

    I don’t think she’s pregnant but i don’t really know what she could have gone to the hospital for either! but i think that the rumor of people thinking she’s pregnant is not true.

  • Lola

    She probably isn’t. First, she’s smart; I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t be where she is right now in Hollywood if she was stupid, because so far there are no pics of her naked leaked onto the internet right now, and she’s managing herself pretty well. I feel bad for her, because she’s such a good actress and more, but ever since she began dating Justin Bieber, she’s been labeled as a “whore” and “boyfriend-stealer”, despite she’s not either. But the whole PDA thing put a new siting on her. I’ve seen pics of her at Justin Bieber’s house with just some shorts and a tank top on while he’s wearing no shirt and shorts. It’s kind of disgusting. Like, I feel like their entire “relationship” is a stunt. She wants more fame, and here it is: she’s dating the #1 pop star. She’s leaking pics onto the internet to get more attention from others so they pay attention to her. It’s quite smart, actually. If she was pregnant, think about it. She would be pregnant with Justin Bieber’s baby! Image the publicity that would get. I support Selena & Justin, but their relationship is giving me headaches with the freak outs and reactions of all the stupid Bieblebers. They’re beginning to annoy me :/

  • I feel that if she is, she is! They can take care of themselvs; And if she is i’m sure when they are ready they will tell the world, they will! But I wouldn’t be supirsed if they have done stuff like forreal people cannot really believe that they aint doing stuff with all that PDA that they have been showing! I mean I understand! When your in “Love” you want to tell the world; and a few kisses here and there and holding hands is cute; But they are on the top right now. And Miley Cyrus was ‘Black listed’ for some pictures. And if they aint carful I feel like that could happen to them. Dont get me wrong I am a HUGE Selena and Justin fan they are just too cute together! But people chill she aint prego! And like I said if she is then she is! And this was just a rumor started by some crazy fans! People get sick all the time! But its whatever! (:

  • Chantelle

    That’s stupid, it’s bad enough she has to deal with the crap with the Beiber fans, now this.