I Can’t Stop Worrying

Are you a worrier, too?

Dear Heather

I worry ALL THE TIME. I mean almost every second. Grades, freaky things, things that won’t happen, friends, my future, whatever. If I can, I’ll worry about it. It’s driving me nuts! What can I do?

I’m sure that your anxious feelings are really taking a toll on you emotionally, and it’s good that you realize you need to change that. While worrying about certain things is normal (and your brain’s way of getting things done!), doing it too much can lead to unnecessary panic, negativity and anxiety — and as a teen gURL, you don’t need any extra stress! It’s easy to get into a pattern of worrying about every little thing, and it’s also really common, so don’t feel like you’re alone in this.

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Our thoughts are connected to our emotions and behaviors, which means that in order to stop worrying, you need to change the way you think. You have to accept the fact that life is unpredictable and that there are tons of things you’ll never have any control over. Worrying will only make you feel stressed out and anxious, and won’t be able to enjoy all of the good things around you. The next time you’re worrying, ask yourself this: What is the real chance of something bad actually happening, and if it does will it really be the worst thing in the world?

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It’ll also help to think in a more positive way, and to not beat yourself up every time you start to stress out. And as strange as it might sound to you, meditation can really help. Try to take a yoga class a few times a week, or buy a yoga tape and do it at home. Whenever you start to feel really worried, close your eyes and take five slow, deep breaths. Sleep will help, too!

If none of this helps, I suggest talking to a school counselor or a therapist — they’ll be able to help you talk it out.

Let me know how it goes, okay?

WDYT, gURLs? Do you worry about a lot of things? How do you get through it? Share your stories and advice below.

take care,


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  • Alice (the asker)

    I have tried all these techniques now and have noticed an improvement. I talked to family and friends about this, and I feel much better now. I’ve excepted that things happen and my worry-free friend has helped me change the way I think. I focus on the world now, and my worries seem like nothing. I just realize everything will probably be okay when I start worrying and tell myself, if it does happen, I won’t even remember it that well this time next year. I also get much more sleep and try to keep a clear head, so if something does come up, I breathe through it and make a good decision and avoid any unnecessary stress. I also told my sis about all my various problems. I let it all out as I had a long list of them and felt much better afterwards.
    Thanks Heather, you’ve really helped make a big change in my life!

  • Adriana

    I totaly relate. I have an anxiety disorder and its awful. Sometimes I get panic attacks about little things. What I have learned though is hang in there and things will turn around.