Reader Confession: I Shaved My Stomach

this gURL keeps her hair au naturel

You know how after you shave your legs it sometimes feels like the hair grows back even quicker and thicker? Well, unfortunately, the same thing happens when your shave any part of your bod!  Kiki666 , who shared this story in the Shout Out Boards, tells us what happened to her:

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“When I was in 6th grade I noticed around my belly button that there was hair but it was the light kind of hair you see on your arms thats barely noticeable..  I made a horrible mistake and shaved it like an idiot…  And ever since then it’s grown back much much much thicker and the hair is BLACK.  I have blonde hair and when I started shaving it it actually turned black!!!  And I cant wear swimsuits even when I shave it because its become so thick you can see the million dots where ive shaved.”

And we thought shaving our legs was annoying! Any of you ever shave your stomachs and end up like Kiki?  What should she do now? Discuss below! And, want to share your own Confession? Send it in to!

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  • abigail

    when shave my belly look ugly hair grows back the next day what can i do?

  • Lauren

    Sooo happy to heat there are many other girls out there with the same problem as me. I made the same STUPID mistake of shaving my happy trail area when i thought that it was normal to because it was peach fuzzy- like. BAD IDEA. i now have to deal with the prickly black hairs growing back just like my leg hairs. Ive taken everything to it, razors, bleaching cream, waxing strips, plucking. Plucking takes some time and patience but it does the job. Just be careful of scarring. Waxing strips did not work for me at all, painful but none of the hairs came off! Bleaching cream worked great, until it fadwd to a weird orange color and came back black. Ive thought of trying some sort of lazor removal but dont have the money…soooo i decided im letting it grow back in completely and hoping it will thin out on its own! Goodluck ladies!

  • Lila

    I am of black origin. I am not black but I am brown , and I have to shave my legs frequently otherwise they look so HAIRY. You can even see the dots. I think I am going to get a professional to wax me but it costs a lot to have your legs, arms and stomach to be waxed because shaving seems to show the dots on me skin…..
    Ps: I use an electric shaver, what do u use?

  • Alana

    I did the same thing In high school and it drives me crazy because it grows back black!! Ugh I have to now save up for laser hair removal or will buy an at home laser hair removal device like ” tria ” or ” me smooth “.

  • Sarah

    I shaved my belly with my friend in 6th grade and now im a ninth grader and ive shaved it every time i had to go swimming it grew back black and long and thicker each time and now I have like black hairs on my stomach I was so insecure but then I looked on here and saw other people did the same thing and now I feel better but I’m so buying nair! Shaving sucks ladies!

  • emileedanielle

    Use nair. That’s what I do. It still grows back, but slower and it doesn’t come back black. I love I and I’m glad I didn’t shave it. So just use Nair ladies!(:

  • Trinity

    I never shaved my stomach but I did shave my arms and niw I really regret

  • Rihanna

    I shaved my belly because I wanted to get it pierced and without thinking I shaved it and now it grew back very hairy and my hairs are black!what will I do?HELP?..

  • Mirandawashere

    im 14 also…. idk what to do anymore.. My friends at school always show each other there stomachs, showing how flat or tan there stomach is. but i cant… when i was younger i shaved my whole stomach cuz i thought you were suppose to now im very in confident on my stomach area.. what do i do the hairs are blackish and its everywhere on my tummy area! what do i do!

    • Feeling the same way

      The same thing happened to me and I regret it so much. I went to the gym to get great abs all for nothing and in so insecure now. I’m the same age. Did the same thing by using olay on my upper lip which made it worse.

    • I feel you

      i know , in year 5? i started to get a snail trail and because my mum just left the razors in the shower i just shaved my whole stomach thinking thats what you do ! i regret it so much and im self conscious in swim suits :/ and when it grew back on the sides first i shaved it again thinking it would go away 🙁 heeelllpppp mee on what to do

  • Rebekah

    Im 14 as well, i have a friend who shaved her stomach, it worked out good for her since she is platinum blonde but i tried the same thig ad i har dark brown hair ad it grew back black, im gonna try the bleach thing tonight! Wish me luck!

    • Sarah

      ommmmmmmmg , i did the exact same thing expect i as in 6th grad, now i cant show off my stomach without people noticing my hair on my stomach .:(

  • Anto

    Hair don’t grow back thicker from shaving if it happened to some of you it was for another reason or a coincidence.

  • Samonymous

    I shave my stomach, my legs, my private-area, the little hairs around my nipples, my armpits, my arms, and since my mother pretty much forced me to growing up cause I was ‘hairy’, my face. It disgust me every single time I have to, I don’t feel like a real woman. Even afterwards, with everything ‘smooth’ it only last for about a day. I am so self conscious about this, about the shaving aspect and the fact that if I don’t shave, the consequences would be too devastating for me.

    • lily

      It may be embarssing, but trust me you are not the only one. I have to shave all those areas as well and it is such a pain.

    • Ashley

      I have that too and it sucks and I don’t know what to do either

    • Anto

      hey you are not the only one, many girls, even some very sexy ones need to shave like you, especially latinas. Almost all girls shave something, wherever they grow hair, you are doing the same. It is true that you have more places and area where you need to shave, but so what? Shaving is something you do to take care of yourself. If you don’t as well, it’s not devastating, you’d simply grow hair, which is a part of you, try to accept them more.

  • emma

    I’m 22 I shaved a part of my stomach when I was in middle school. Only the middle part of my belly button down.. so now I have a weird patch that grows back long and black. I have a boyfriend that I get embarrassed to reveal my stomach to… so what I do is I pluck the hairs that are the darkest and the lighter short ones I bleach.. I don’t shave anymore it makes it worse, it just grows back faster and uneven. I suggest you stop!!! plucking allows the hair to grow back slower. And plucking may leave scarring so be gentle. Don’t try and pluck out a short hair that isn’t even yet out. And if you already do have scarring what you can do is cover it up with makeup and use scar lightning remedies at home. You know you can always let it grow back out too, your hair will get softer over time.

    • emma

      p.s. I do not recommend anyone use Nair it can be harmful to the skin since it is a chemical. It can end up leaving you with red dots or be painful used over already open hair pores. Also, If you use Nair, just like shaving, it will become an everyday thing that will prob get uglier. My experience from use.

  • Jasmine

    i shaved mines just now, so i can get a piercing…but then read ur guts comments 🙁 so next time, i will use nair?

  • charris

    Well i was thinking about it but cant talk to my mum about it but wait for then to grow abit thewX … some stores let you buy waxing equipment that at a young ageso hope it.goes well xxx

  • SozzySazzy x

    I have a friend who shaves her arm hairs!

  • Stephanie

    I no a lot of girls that do that nd I was thinking of shaving my tummy but idk what to do!! Have no hair or have hair and look hairy 0_0

  • kristine

    lol i shave my stomach every other day and it looks fine. but then again i only have like four hairs on it lol

  • Help me!!

    I am 14 I shaved my stomach last year and really regret it the hairs are really long and thick I can’t bleach or wax also I haven’t told my mom and i can’t cuz shes too embarrassing I’ve true plucking but is too painful please help I also can’t buy any thing please help me!!

    • Isabella

      I do the same thing and I’m 14 too I didn’t tell my mom either I tried to let it grow in but it grew in like leg hair so I just continued shaving. I’m not so sure what to do though……

      • missthing

        i did the same thingim turining 14 i shaved my stomach twice and i did tell my mom because im so self counsious about it i wanna cry sometime sbecause i love swimming but i dont wanna swim with stomach hair. the first time i shaved my stomach is because my bestfriend did it but hse has bleach blond hair so she said i should do it i have brown hair but when i was a baby i had blond hair and my grew in light brow like light but you can still see it it was short so i shaved it again 2 months latter than i havnt shaved it since i did the oppisite i told my mom she is like my bestfriend and she told me not to shave and i showed her she said if it gets darker or longer she will consult a doctor and ask what to do i recomend you stop shaving an tell your mom.. before it gets bad my hair isnt thick its just like kinda short kinda long and its like a dirty blond with a light brown but i need to know what to do as well i always think anout it well not all the time my friends always ask me to go to the pool with them and i make up a excuse i showed one of my friends and she does the same thing but hers you cant see.. so please tell me what to do..

    • Nathalie

      Just bleach it…. Leave the bleach on for a good 30 mins. Buy Jolen bleach. Your hair will turn blonde. I shaved my stomch hair too ad have the same problem. Just tell your mom, she’ll understand.

      • Bridget

        Do you continually have to bleach it, or do you just have to do it once?

  • megan

    I thought was the only only1 ive tried bleaching but it doesnt work good. I dont own no one piece all two piece so pretty but cant wear them now. DONT KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO!!!!!!!!!