Reader Confession: I Shaved My Stomach

this gURL keeps her hair au naturel

You know how after you shave your legs it sometimes feels like the hair grows back even quicker and thicker? Well, unfortunately, the same thing happens when your shave any part of your bod!  Kiki666 , who shared this story in the Shout Out Boards, tells us what happened to her:

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“When I was in 6th grade I noticed around my belly button that there was hair but it was the light kind of hair you see on your arms thats barely noticeable..  I made a horrible mistake and shaved it like an idiot…  And ever since then it’s grown back much much much thicker and the hair is BLACK.  I have blonde hair and when I started shaving it it actually turned black!!!  And I cant wear swimsuits even when I shave it because its become so thick you can see the million dots where ive shaved.”

And we thought shaving our legs was annoying! Any of you ever shave your stomachs and end up like Kiki?  What should she do now? Discuss below! And, want to share your own Confession? Send it in to!

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  • Damien O’Brien

    False; Shaving hairs does not make the hair grow back thicker nor does it change color to black. What causes hair to appear thicker is that the heads are not flat instead of pointed giving the appearance of being thicker. What causes them to go black is the Level on DHT (free forming testosterone) in the body, which is a part of going through Puberty.

  • amber

    I done the exact same thing and done it like twice but I used to have pretty dark hair, nearly black. Now, I have brown hair and I even shaved my top legs and now have black leg hairs everywhere except for the bottom cos I can shave that, waxing costs like £15 a time if you get a beautician to come out to your house for the whole leg and it costs way more in a salon, plus it kills like hell with the hot wax. Never buy the ones from the supermarket, they’ll pretty much nearly rip your skin off whereas it won’t even get one hair off. I even have hairy toes, tmi yuck, and I never shaved them, I have pubes growing up my stomach and down my legs and I’m only 17.

  • Lacey

    Yeah I did that, and now all I can do about it is use tweezers and wax and always feel self conscious in anything I wear.

  • 15 teen swag hairgone

    Hair is annoying and devastating for some, guys have become more self-conscious of their hair these days and often times both guys and girls will take steps to get rid of hair. Not realizing that hair is in a growth stage and removing it will cause it to grow back differently.

    When I was younger I began noticing hair on legs, and I wasn’t cool with it. I let it grow because others had it. Eventually I noticed it on my stomach and arms and immediately shaved. Overtime little hairs came back and I began plucking them. Yet I used a different method. I would take a thumbtack and push it where the hair was and move the thumbtack around, then pull it out and immediately pluck it. The hairs on my upper arm disappeared for 6 weeks and I thought I had achieved greatness! Until today when I noticed that hair was spreading on my upper arm. Its long and black and non-appealing, it makes me self-conscious to wear T-Shirts. I did the same process today and hopefully it works because every other way so-far is a bust.

    Hair advice

    1. Chest, leg, facial, arm, back hair can all be normal (liking the hair is different)
    2.Removing hair on guys too early(shaving) can result in permanent increase in hair growth
    3. Summertime is good for you. The sun bleaches hair and decreases growth.
    4. Plucking will result in temporary hair loss
    5. Hair removal that lasts the longest would be a laser treatment
    6. You can look good with hair on your body
    7. Not all girls hate hair, just some
    8. Most embarrassing thing about hair is right when everyone else doesn’t seem to have any, in that case remember your age, and remember all of the celebrity who look good with hairy bodys.
    9. Some girls actually like body hair
    10. Eventually in high school there comes a point when almost every guy has hair
    11.Don’t shave a lot, you really shouldn’t otherwise you will have to shave almost everyday
    12. If you must get rid of hair then wax, cream-remove , or bleach it

    1.Hairy arms lead to some serious issues? wrong! Guys don’t tend to notice, unless of course you shave them.
    2. Don’t shave anything you don’t want to have to shave every day
    3. Best/cheapest long lasting hair removal is Waxing, if you must then wax
    4. Men don’t tend to notice the hair on girls, usually everything else about them catches their eyes
    5. Laser treatment lasts longest but is expensive and impractical at an early age
    6. Hair isn’t the worst thing that can happen, try not to let it bog you down otherwise it will mess up your life
    7. Hair removal cream such as “nair” works well for some girls, consider it over shaving
    8. The sun will help bleach that which you don’t want black, get some serious sun
    9. So far the hair removal things on TV are false and there is no permanent-hair removal if you ever find a way then please let me know.

    Hope this helps
    Right now I have new growth on my stomach after I used Nair and im going to try and use my plucking method as I don’t know what else to do. I shave my face and im building muscle so the hair isn’t such a eye catcher. If the hair gets to bad I will Wax as it is the cheapest/longest-lasting method out there.

  • Jamie

    I did the same thing when i was younger and it is so embarassing! any solutions? HUGE regret. Right now i am going to straight trying to use the at home TRIA laser system. Only have done it once but it stings like a mo-fo in that area.

  • Kathryn

    ☆彡 so I started shaving my bikini line like a year ago and then it spread just like a line up to my belly button, I kept shaving but it started going around even further! So now I’m just letting it go. I don’t know what to do about my stomach for swimsuit season. Ugh. Please help.