Should I Shave Down There?


Hi Heather,

I have been avoiding letting guys see me “down under” because I’m not sure how guys like it being taken care of down there. I’ve heard that guys hate bushes of pubic hair, but is it too porn-ish to take all the hair off? What do guys like? What do other girls do? I don’t have girlfriends to ask what they do so I could really use advise so I don’t scare off a guy by having too much or too little hair down there!


How you want to deal with your hair down there is totally up to you. There is no “right” way to be when it comes to styling your pubic hair. Keep in mind that most gURLs are self-conscious about how they look down there, so you don’t have to feel alone.

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It’s impossible to know exactly how guys like a gURL to look down there, because every guy has a different opinion. It’s true that some guys perfer gURLs to be clean-shaven, but just as many guys don’t mind a little or even a lot of hair on your vulva. If you’re really ready to let a guy see this part of you, then you should feel comfortable enough with him to talk about what he likes. But what it really comes down to is what will make you feel the most comfortable.

Plenty of gURLs shave their pubic hair off, so if you want to, it’s totally normal and not at all “porn-ish”. If you want to do that, be aware that it’s a sensitive area — like I told this gURL: use a bikini-specific shave gel and a clean razor, go slowly and just be careful. If you don’t want to shave, that’s completely fine also, and you can just use a tweezer to trim a little down there once in a while if you want.

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Remember that it’s your body and you need to do what makes you the most comfortable — not just what you think will make a guy happy.

WDYT, gURLs? Do you ever worry about what you look like down there? Do you shave your pubic hair? Share your stories and advice below.

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  • Sarah

    What do you do about itching or little red bumps after shaving?

  • Emily

    I don’t shave at all, I think it looks strange all bare, and I think the hair is cute! My firends make fun of me and say a guy won’t like it, but I say, If he doesn’t like it he can go screw himself! Literally haha.

  • Elana

    I shave it completely off. The hair feels uncomfterable, because I don’t wear underwear when I go to bed. It also makes me feel cleaner when I shave down there.

  • gabbi*

    i shave it all off too, i was thinking about leaving a little down there tho, sometimes i think its awkward when there is none, my bf said he didn’t really care either way… but i always feel like i cant get everywhere down there : anyone have any tips for this?
    thanx! and hope this helps!

  • samantha

    I shave down there beacsue there hair feel werid and its ok to be scared to shave down there just do it!!

  • anonymous

    The first time I tried it for my then-boyfriend, it itched like crazy growing back, but I tried it again later (for myself, not him) and got used to it. Now I prefer it that way, I usually just trim in the winter, but from March through September I take it all off for swimsuit season.

  • Brittney

    I shaved everything its better and good when ever you are wirh your partner.

  • Tanya Smith

    I keep some trimmed and the rest shaved. Its kinda fun to try different styles.

    Don’t use multi-blade razors as they cause ingrown hairs, use disposable razors. Oh, and try this stuff… I started using it a couple of months ago and swear by it.

  • Elizabeth

    I trim my hair and shave a little because it’s the summer now and I don’t want anything showing from my bikini, but I feel better when I trim them a bit. I do know though that, the hair ‘”down there” actually helps prevent friction burns so I don’t think I’ll shave it all off completely. I did once and it felt weird and looked weird!! haha :p


    MI bf want me to shaave down there but im scared to incase i get in grown hair ect ect i no its stupid but need help !!!!

    • Abby

      don’t worry about that. just use lots of shaving gel/cream and use a new, sharp razor. personally i can’t stand hairs. once you shave you will understand. you could also try nair or veet for bikini area. good luck 🙂

  • Kenzie

    I shave a good portion off because I am a competitive swimmer (and no I don’t shave it off to swim faster). I shave it off because I feel like if I don’t I feel gross and as if everyone can see it. Just my opinion on shaving down there.

  • Symantha

    Well, aftering reading this i feel so much better cause I to was afraid so i told my bf how i felt and he gets it, i shave a portion of it, well the most of it anyway but it isnt because he likes it like that its cause i feel bettter down there when i do. when i am on my period i dont shave though cause it makes me feel weird if i do. i hope u find this helpful.

  • carolina

    This helped me too!

  • jovie

    it really doesnt matter i dont shave it and my boyfriend doesnt really care. (actually it turns him on) but i asked how he likes it n he said that he didnt want me shaving it because he didnt want me to stress out about it… it all depends on you and your partner:)

  • Cora

    I trim. Pubic hair is like nose hair. It can protect you from certain viruses or something.

    • Sachi

      I agree with you

  • Allison

    It’s up to you. You feel more comfortable with it shaved and/or waxed… Go for it! But if not nobody is pressuring you…

  • Yasmine

    I shave down there. I find it easier to deal with periods when you are shaved down there. I’ve also found that it can be a little itching to guys if they finger you. But it is totally your choice if you want to shave or not.

  • Emilie

    I agree that it’s your choice and I personnaly wouldn’t let my bf influence the quantity of hair down there. Every time I tried shaving down there, it was so itchy and painful I immediately regret it and it got completely irritated. So I think keeping a short lenght is also a good option. But if shaving or waxing is not painful for you, well that’s all good! Also, I don’t beleive waxing or shaving down there is slutty, and neither letting is grow is less hygenic: on the opposite, the hair are there to protect you, why would we have them otherwise. That said, it’s still not dangerous to remove it.
    Well, that was long! ^-^ I wish this will help you out a little.

  • Anonymous

    I personally don’t shave until I’m wearing a swim suit, then it all comes off. Although, I’m not having sex, if I was I’d shave it all.

  • kayla

    u should