January Jones Used to Be a Tomboy with Gapped Teeth and a Shaved Head. Pics, Please?

can you picture her without any hair?

Can we just say how much we’ve loving all of these X-Men: First Class videos about celebs being insecure? The latest one starring January Jones and Kevin Bacon just might be our fave.

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The two A-listers spill about how unpopular they were in high school and give their advice for gURLs who need help fitting in.

The best part? Hearing that January was a total tomboy growing up. It’s kind of amazing.

See it all here:

What do you think of January and Kevin’s advice? Do you have a hard time fitting in? What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Julie

    waiitt…..this isn’t the breaking dawn trailerr!!! WTH!

  • Julie