Discuss: Do You Think Rihanna’s “Man Down” Video is Too Violent?

do you like "man down"?

It’s no surprise that Rihanna‘s new video for “Man Down” is causing lots of drama; In the first minute of the video, the gURL shoots a guy in the back of his head! “Man Down” also shows the guy physically and sexually assaulting RiRi earlier on in the vid.

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According to MTV, The Parents Television Council and a few other groups aren’t too thrilled with the concept, and say it’s a way of encouraging gURLs to turn to violence. Rihanna has written about it on her Twitter a lot, saying the video has “a very strong underlying message 4 girls like me.”

Check out the video and decide for yourself:

WDYT? Is this video empowering for women or is it way too violent? Do you think it’s really controversial because of everything with Chris Brown?  Discuss below!

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  • Demoni

    I don’t think nothing is wrong with the video she is expressing herself and her feelings with that video but yourself in her shoes and see if you would do a video like that and no one told you to look at the video and if you don’t like it don’t watch it…!

  • I think theres nothing wrong with it she’s getting revenge from a guy who abused and mutilated her. She coulda been mentally scarred from that from the rest of her life the music video is saying that she regrets it so why does everyone take it in such a bad way.

  • Ariel

    Well I feel like this video explains a lot of girls lives out here.The shooting was pretty graphic,but I still liked the video.Its sad,but its real.

  • ChynaBaby

    people are making as big deal out of nothing…..if anythiNG RHIANNA is shinning light on a lot of issues going on in young girls life….If it wasnt for her most women wouldn admit to their sexual abuse etc… so any one who has something negative to say either A cant relate or B dumb and closed minded to real issues