Gay Marriage

Gay marriage is a really hot topic issue these days. A majority of the United States (30 of them) have laws limiting marriage to a man and a woman, denying marriage equality to gay and lesbian couples. Some states allow civil unions, others actual marriage…so what does this all mean? What’s the deal?

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  • Hannah

    EVERYONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO GET MARRIED!!!! I am bisexual (pansexual to be more accurate) and I really want to be able to get married! I didn’t choose my sexuality I was born this way. Love is love and when I fall in love I WILL get married!

  • Emily

    i think gay people should be allowed to marry eachother and have it called marrage. I think its just discriminating when they dont allow it to be called marrage just because the two people are of the same sex. Marrage is supposed to be the union of two people who love eachother, it shouldnt matter what your gender is.

  • Maria

    Let me just say that as someone who likes girls, and is a girl, I really wouldn’t care if it was a marriage! I’d just care that I was with the one I loved. Who cares what it’s called as long as people know you’re legally together!