Discuss: Are You Anti-Hooters?

boobs and wings are basically Hooters' mascots

How do you feel about the restaurant known for its busty waitresses? And do you think it’s appropriate for kids?

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Jezebel reports that a bunch of (chaperoned) eighth graders went on a lunch break to Hooters during a field trip. No parents complained, but “the school’s superintendent says he wishes the ‘coed’ chaperones had selected another restaurant”.

What do you think about Hooters? Is it bad for gURLs? Would you ever work there? Discuss below!

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  • Kim

    yes i really hate the concept of Hooters restaurants. must women be used to sell everything and used as eye candy?

  • Dan

    I have no problem with hooters existing. If people want to work there or eat there that is their choice. I will say that I find it to be degrading towards women and I think it sets women up to have an unhealthy mindset. I’m not saying that every employee that works there will have negative side effects but I imagine the number is quite large. If I had a daughter I wouldn’t want her to work there. Just like I wouldn’t want her to work at a strip club or any other profession that pays you for the way you look and not your ability to work hard. I just want to say that just because people are willing to do the job that doesn’t mean it isn’t degrading. Most people would take a job that paid 1,000,000 a year where they had to kiss someones ass, that doesn’t mean the job isn’t degrading. In the end having people pay you so that they can look at you will damage most peoples self esteem, not all but most. It also doesn’t encourage people to develop skills. Why work when you can coast by on looks? Looks don’t last forever though…

  • Aipril

    I work at hooters and I think it’s ridiculous that this is even a discussion. It is a job the same as all other jobs. It’s not like we are taking our clothes off. It doesn’t matter what you do if your pretty and young men are going to flirt with you

  • jason knight

    they say im not getting attention from my man at home so im going to enjoy the attention im getting here then tell him about what this man said to me that was so nice fellas wake up you here me wake up

  • jason knight

    some of the women in that works for hooters look back at the man when they walk away

  • Autumn

    Hooters is a work force just like any other. When you walk into a McDonalds there might be individuals working there who have kids at home. So why would you look down on a Hooters girl? If you don’t like the people that work there maybe you should consider it might just be the particular joint, not the entire branch. It’s a workforce that has it’s occasional drama, rude costumers, and degrading uniforms. But when it comes down to it, It’s a job. It pays money. For most people it’s not a life long career but instead a step along the way to get them where they’re going. I know people who have worked at Hooters to pay their way through college and I can’t even wrap my mind around how someone could look down on them for that.

  • Stew

    My girlfriend works at hooters and I feel like the place ruins a young girls mentality to the point of we’re they have no clue what a “real” job is and how hard it actually is to make that type of money.. It’s like an army of conceited girls that think there’s better than you and love getting skimpy for the attention an money of sad lonely old fucks. I’d ruin hooters if I could.

  • Booby guy

    Are you the Cami from street fighter?

  • Cindy

    Since hooters has been in S.A. It has brought a lot of hope to young girls who need part time jobs and earn extra money. We have all sorts of girls, and no one looks the same, can you imagine if every girl looked the same, it would be boring. Different strokes for different folks. Hooters does not degrade young women of today, its the people on the outside who like to be judgemental and look down on others. Being a hooters girl is one of the best jobs a girl can get, not only for the cash but it makes you stronger in personality and human skills and working with people. Hooters is not a bad place, its good, it cultivates strong young women who will have good skills for the future. People on the outside need to stop being so narrow minded, hooters girls are normal people, they work hard to get through their day like everyone else to make a better future and have a happy life.

  • Erica

    I am a lesbian and like seeing breasts and cleavage just like most men do, but even i think hooters is degrading. Yes sex sells. Everyone knows that, but for that reason and that reason only, women have to have the looks and a big enough bust (most of the time) to even get hired in the first place… forget about their waitressing skills or personality. None of that really matters, now does it.

  • Tony

    I like Hooters dishes, especially their breast sandwich.

  • Jack

    These chiks are dirty hookers. I have dated plenty of girls from hooters and their mentallity is that same as a stripper, the truth! Makes me sick to see a mother working there with kids at home instead of finding a deceng job! I was raised by a single mother that had enough respect for herself and children to stay clothed and work a 9 to 5, I will always respect her for that.

    • anon


    • brent

      Jack –

      YOU are the SICK individual. If you dont like them – dont go there. The location I go to has nothing of the sort. You probably got turned down or 86’d from the location because you are worthless.

      It all depends on the managment and their standards. Certainly there are certain locations better than others but the location I frequent is nothing but class and is the best I have been to from Califonria to Florida.

      Guys like you are the ones that give the Hooters a bad name not the girls.

  • Katie

    Hooters is not ok. It is a restaurant that objectifies women. Hooters is about degrading women to simple objects with no thoughts, emotions or feelings. Simply put, the waitress may as well be a set of boobs that just happens to have a body to move them along. The fact that any women views this as ok concerns me. The fact that a father would take a daughter to a baseless restaurant such as hooters really tells a lot about how they view women. Sick.

    • anon

      get a grip babe. just because they didn’t hire you doesn’t make it an evil sexist company. it just means that they have good taste

  • Bernadette

    If there is hooters for guys. Why another type of place for girls? Like Peckers or Chippendale in our local area? I live in San Bruno CA. And yes we have hooters too. But i truly wish there is one for girls. Peckers like the one in North Carolina and Chippendale’s in Las Vegas. I bet if someone who is ambitious of opening a restaurant a place like that for the ladies.. HUGE business. Us ladies spend more money than guys. Don’t you think?

    • Barbara Jacobsen

      YES!!!!!!! We need a restaurant for women. I am tired of my husband going to Hooter and Twin Peaks and then coming home bragging and says it’s too bad they don’t have a place for women to go. But all the time he’s glad there is no where for us to go and he can go look at half naked women every day and not have to worry about me doing the same. So unfair…..at least let us have the opprotunity.

      • lee

        fair point.

      • Morgs

        Barbara. Your husband sounds like an asshole… sorry

  • Kaytie

    I am actually going to apply to Hooters…and I dont have big boobs! Its not all about the boobs or how pretty you are. Its about being able to share your outgoing personality with other people and having fun. Being kind to others and just having a simple conversation with them can make their day. I am in college and I just want a job that I can have fun with, get some money, and be myself while doing it. Hopefully I get the job!

  • 4evrmileyfan13

    If you were a parent taking your kid(s) out 4 dinner, would you leave only bcuz of the size of your waitress’s chest?

  • dayme

    I went to Hooters at like age 5 or 6 with a lot of my family and it was fine….

  • Cami

    To be honest the majority of the women who are against other women working at hooters are the women that believe that you don’t need to use your looks to your advantage, why, because these women have low self esteem and are not confident. The women that work at hooters know they look good and have the confident to get past the criticism and the trash that people think about them , and what the perverts say. These women should actually be looked upon better because they don’t degrade women they just use the fact that they are women to their advantage. In fact most of the women at hooters are trying to make a future and they use their job to pay for their student loans, rent, and degree programs. Stop looking down on hardworking women and focus on your self.