Not Cool: These 25 Justin Bieber Fans Want to Kill Selena Gomez

do you hate seeing her happy?

It’s no surprise that after these intense PDA pics of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez leaked, some Beliebers are freaking out…  after all, we know that Justin fans can get pretty intense.

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Check out theses 25 Justin fans who’ve written death threats on Twitter to Selena just in the past couple of days. And something tells us there’s a lot more like ’em.

WDYT of these? Have you ever hated a gURL because of who she was dating? Has it ever happened to you? Share your story below.

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  • mystery

    God the nerve of some people selena and Justin may be gross but you should get jeoulus of them besides you don’t no Justin or selena

  • Rachel

    WTF? These girls are saying that he is their’s and she is taking what’s their’s but newsflash: you cant lose what was never yours and just because you like someone or claim to “love” someone does not mean they are yours. she is not a pedophile because they can both consent to sex (if they are even having sex. you don’t know for sure). also just because you know ABOUT a person dose not mean that you KNOW the person. Knowing their favorite things and what color their eyes are does not mean anything. And following a person’s relationships and everything else they do does qualify you as a stalker and that will get you a restraining order. think about it you crazy creepy salkers.

    • brittany

      poor selena. Lol its funny though cuz shes drop dead gorgeous and those girls threatening her and calling her ugly are well tbh not.

  • lyric

    omfg these people are crazy. why would you wanna kill selena just for dating justin. justin is not the only boy out there.

  • monyca

    those are mean just because she’s dating someone. there together and theres nothing you can do about it. if he breaks up with her because of you guy do u really ythink she’s gonna go to you, PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that only happens in movies

  • I think that it is so unfair to spread stuff about people online because just because they are celbrities it doesnt mean that they dont have feelings because they are people just like us.

  • Alexa

    That’s wicked immature. These people haven’t even met Justin in real life and can’t claim that he’s “theirs” when he has no idea who these people are. It’s scary what measures some people will take and although Justin and Selena show way too much PDA that can be extremely disgusting, I feel bad for her because if people were spreading this stuff on the internet about me, I would be heartbroken.

  • Lola

    Agreed with the person below me. He’s a celebrity; he’s not ANYONE’S “object” and he’s not “yours/mine”. He’s a person for Christ’s Sake. Shouldn’t they be mad at…I dunno…Justin? He’s the one dating her, too. They should be asking him why he’s dating her; I honestly, for real, think their relationship is a publicity stunt. They don’t seem at all in love unless their outside where people can see them, not once have I seen him happily hanging out without something going on, and their all PDA. Like at the Billboard awards where Selena and Justin kissed? Um, HELLO? And now his, where they’re kissing and basically dry humping each other? Maybe it’s not, maybe it is. I think it is. It just seems TOO fake.

  • Skyrider

    People are nuts. He’s a CELEBRITY. He doesn’t belong to anyone as a person, and definitely not as a romantic partner.
    And pedophile? Hello, they are one year apart and the age of consent is 16 usually.
    Killing is illegal and disturbing, especially with torture.
    AND, most importantly, who really cares this much? Creepers…