Miley’s Leaving Twitter… Again. Have You Ever (Temporarily) Quit Twitter or Facebook?

do you ever need me time?

For what feels like the 100th time, Miley Cyrus is once again taking a break from Twitter.

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Said the gURL, “Just don’t want you guys to think I’m abandoning you.  I’m going home for a few weeks before starting tour back up so I won’t be tweeting often.  I am taking some much needed PRIVATE #metime LOVE YOU GUYS X”

WDYT? Have you ever taken a break from Twitter or Facebook? Why? Did it make you happier? Discuss!

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  • sade

    im more focused and filled with peace…especially learning from my myspace adiction scial media not so good sometimes

  • sade

    i havent but i dont ever go more than 2 hours on it and only when im on cuz i dont go on it everyday. especially since it really irritates me when people try so hard to be interesting like havin 100 pics of them havin “fun” ..really its just pathetic everyone can see the difference between interesting and desperate…if u were really having that much fun you wouldnt have to be on facebook avery second of the day

  • Lola

    I deactivated my Facebook two times. The first time was when I was just checking what it was; it’s a smart idea though, because if you ever want to come back to Facebook, it’s all there still. You just gotta type in your email & password. But the second time was when I was getting into drama on Facebook. My “friends” were turning against me because this girl who’s had it out for me was telling them things about me. I hadn’t been hanging with my friends lately then (because we had almost no classes but gym & Spanish together) so they assumed it was true, completely ignoring me and making me feel worthless. I sent this super long Facebook mail to my friend who used to go to our school but didn’t anymore, basically explaining my ENTIRE feelings about the situation and honestly saying things I shouldn’t have, about my ex-friends who I was calling names…it wasn’t worth it, honestly. So somehow one of my ex-friends got a hold of the email I sent and printed it out and showed ALL my ex-friends, making them hate me MORE, and showed it to the counselor. I called one of them a “bitch” because I was pissed off them the most. That was the only bad word I said and I was so scared they were going to suspend me for it, but they didn’t, luckily. They said they would “call my parents” but they didn’t even do THAT, show how lazy my old school was. I deactivated my Facebook because I was just tired of it. I reopened it, though, after I moved a city away (about 50 miles) and reactivated it because I felt safe; I removed my ex-friends & blocked them so I didn’t have to ever feel some kind of twig in my stomach from seeing them. I feel peaceful now. Main point is, when times get tough and there’s not much you can do, remove the thing that started it.

  • I deactivated my Facebook account at the beginning of this month. It’s the third time I do it. I’m sure I’ll reactivate my account in the future but definitely not within the next couple of months. Most statuses were depressing or stupid. Also, I was always comparing my boring life to all the others and stalking people. Instead of bothering with deleting hundreds of people, I deleted myself. I still wonder what’s happening around town/gossip/etc, but the peace and calm I feel now is totally worth the deactivation.