I Think My Boyfriend’s Penis is Gross

knees are kinda weird looking, too!

Hey Heather,

I was about to give my boyfriend oral when I saw his penis. I don’t know why but I thought it was gross and couldn’t do it. What do I do to get over being freaked out by it?

A lot of gURLs get grossed out the first time they see a penis — it’s a totally normal reaction because, let’s face it, penises are kind of weird. It’s not a part of the body that we’re used to seeing. It might take a little getting used to, but I’m sure that it’s something you’ll eventually get over.

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Maybe your reaction is an indication that you’re not ready for sex, even oral sex. If seeing his penis really makes you uncomfortable, then think about waiting until you feel really ready to do anything else with your boyfriend. You don’t have to tell him you’re grossed out, just tell him you aren’t ready.

If you think you are ready and just really want to get over your nerves, talking to your gURL friends about your guy’s penis (and penises in general) will probably make you feel a lot better, since it breaks the taboo of talking about sex and genitals. Being able to laugh about our own bodies and learning to accept everything about them is the key to a successful sexual relationship.

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WDYT, gURLs? Have you ever been grossed out by a guy’s penis? How did you get over it? Share your stories and advice below.

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  • upeeplesrcrazy

    A penis gross? No the thing that is the most and I call it “the most hideous and disgusting thing in existence” is the VAGINA. I find the penis cute and I don’t understand why other women find it gross. It’s adorable. It’s like a little animal in how it moves it’s so cute! Now I have yet to have sex and I am in fact a GIRL or “GURL” as people are calling themselves here. I do however find fellatio DISGUSTING. And DEMEANING to women. I’m so f******* SICK if seeing, hearing, reading, that s*** all the TIME and EVERYf*******where! And I don’t understand why so many people like bringing SALTY BITTER PENIS BOOGERS into their bodies. YUCK!!!

    Now what I would love to do with future hubby is have his little friend between my breasts. WHY can’t we see that more? It’d be so much more enticing than seeing some references to a whore using her mouth as a f****** vagina!! EWWW!!! F*** THAT S***!!

    @Crystal yeah, and who cares about the little life you destroy and or complicate because of you indulging in your selfish hours of pleasure. Will it be worth it raising a child in a broken home with no father figure? (That is, if you don’t marry the bastard)??


  • Stubby

    From above, “Being able to laugh about our own bodies and learning to accept everything about them is the key to a successful sexual relationship.” Given the topic at hand (I think my BF’s penis if gross…), this suggests gurls are supposed to be LAUGHING at the look of a penis. After all, (also from above) “let’s face it, penises are kind of weird.” Right. And a vagina is not weird. These kind of judgments only lead to impotence. I’d suggest the author stop this nonsense. The male and female human body are both beautiful.

  • Jordon

    Sex before marriage is a sticky subject, but it’s totally normal. I was just as surprised guys make it sound like it is a paradise, but you know you come to find some beauty in it right?

  • niceaj

    i kind of know how you feel. Once me and my friend where walking home from school and i found this letter with a picture of a penis and i was surprised.

  • quackie

    well that could also mean that you are not ready or hes just not the one b/c every guys penis dont look the same

  • Kaylee

    I think you just aren’t ready.. give it time sweetie 🙂

  • jenny

    i am 22 years old but when i was 16 i gave my first blowjob and maybe because we were young and didnt know much, their was an odor(not a good one), a lot of hair, it was purleish in color, and to top it off a few seconds after i noticed he was pre cumming in the whole time which is a terrible taste. You are not alone , because after that any man that i had been with sexually reminded me of the first time i did it, and i dry heaved a little it i tryed to give oral. Now i am older and have been in a realationship for almost 4 years and my boyfriend is very clean and i enjoy pleasing him! Now you know you are not alone and your opinion might soon change , just do not do this for just any guy, because STDs are being more popular threw oral, including HPV. More and more men have HPV, and you can now have it on your mouth and not just in your cervix. Be oh so carful and if it helps remind yourself that you are putting your face near his butt hole think about what nasty things happen out of that and smells, then realize you are also sucking/licking on his pee hole. Hope i helped and good luck

  • kanaya taylor

    what is oral sex!!???

  • Grace

    you might just have trouble with penises in general. maybe you like girls?

    • Ingrid

      Not liking your man’s penis = / = being a lesbian.

      • Katie1992

        rather you.

  • jasmine

    well in my oppinion ithink u might not like him enough to accept him or arent ready…cuz with me i thought my boyfriends was the most beautiful thing i had ever seen..lol

    • Samantha

      You shouldn’t have sex before marriage anyway!!

      • lalala

        Samantha! Finally someone agrees! Everyone else is so relaxed about having sex like its no big deal and can have it whenever! Wait til marriage. Agreed

        • aelx :)

          i don’t necessarily think you have to wait till marriage but i do think its important to wait till you can handle having to care for a child just in case. but just cause don’t totally agree with you doesn’t mean your not right.


          • sweetchik95

            I think anything sexually is a free choice of the mind, it doesnt have to be after marriage, whenever you think you want to, go for it. it may be your opinion but nobody HAS to follow it.

          • Crystal

            Samantha it’s opinion – it’s not the law you can have sex before you’re married, thousands of people do.

        • upeeplesrcrazy

          AMEN!! Good to see the FEW RATIONAL minds out there! HANG IN THERE FOR THE RIGHT GUY!!

          Marriage is a tie to those to people and it is a magical thing. Here in America people get married and get divorced soon afterward or they have sex before marriage because “EVERYBODY’S DOING IT” and what the media bludgeons you to death with “SEX SELLS.” Yes sex sells and with that STUPIDITY SELLS. What the media doesn’t show you is stuff similar to ALIEN movie. Parasite forms in your body but atleast it doesn’t burst out of your womb. But it does leech off of you. Ha ha.

          But in all serious as someone who has worked with people who threw their lives away for a few hours of corporal pleasure and bring a life into this world only to have that life suffer to me is SICK.

          “I don’t know who my daddy is.” I had one child tell me. Jessica 6 yo.
          “You’re lucky you know who your parents are and that they still live together. I wish my patents did… ” Justin 13 yo.

          This is sad just really horrifically sad. People have met these children and yet they still continue F*** whoever the hell they want thinking that contraceptive is foolproof. BULLS***…