Nails scratch your itches, and get painted pretty, but seriously, what do they do? Nails are an envelope of dead skin cells surrounding the top parts of fingers and toes. They resemble animals’ hooves in that both are made of a tough protein called keratin (which is the same stuff our hair is made of). In humans, nails serve as a protective plate of the fingers and toes, increase sensation in fingertips, and help us pick things up with our hands. Nails have four main parts: nail plate, nail matrix, nail bed, and nail grooves.

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  • Dwi

    I too, am a nail bitier. Im 19 and have been biintg them since I was 2. So you can image how bad they look and they are embarassing at times. As of right now I’m trying to stop again but the last time I let them grow out and actaully got past the tips of my fingers I first bought some fake nails from wal mart (I know its sounds tacky, but I cut them down to a normal length and painted them and no one knew the difference) and once my nails got long enough, I painted them, for some reason having them painted made me not want to bite them again. I need to try this method out again and this time have more will power. I started biintg them again again when school started getting tough and stressful.Hope I help!References : nail biter of almost 18 years