Going To The Gyno

Next, you’ll have to rest your feet in the stirrups (metal U-shapes) with your legs spread. This allows the doctor the right angle to see what needs to be seen. The physician sees dozens of vulvas a day and is completely unfazed by them. During the pelvic exam, there is always a sheet over your knees so you have privacy, and if there is anyone else in the room, only the doctor can see what’s under the sheet.

The speculum is a metal or plastic instrument that looks sort of like tongs and is designed to hold the walls of the vagina apart so the doctor can look inside. Having a speculum put in can be uncomfortable, especially if you are tense. Deep, even breaths will relax your muscles.

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    • neha

      what hpnd

  • HThomas

    Hi, I am 14. This year I had my first trip to the gyno. I was extremely nervous at first and I asked for a girl doctor because I thought it would make me more comfortable. It turned out that is was a little awkward at first but my doctor was super nice and explained everything to me. The appointment was pretty quick and simple. The gyno isn’t that bad! There is nothing to be afraid of! 🙂 And if you want you can always ask for a girl doctor! 😀

    • Sarah

      I am going soon and i am 14. What did you have to do?

  • ellie

    this website helped me out so much because as a man who changed into a woman, im often at a loss of what to do. I hate it when it starts leaking green fluid and stuff of that nature. I havent been regular in like 4 years and im definitley not preggers, no one will even #### me!!!!!!!!!lol but srsly, can you help me plz. I feel like the green goop is coming alive!

    • Sara