Burdens of the Pretty-Pretty

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  • processed cheese

    That’s a great story! For me it’s the other way around. All the girls I know only like Harry Potter, BBT, Super Hero movies, Dr.Who and video games. I like clothes, make up and other girly shit. I’m going to make other friends *of course still keeping my old friends* that share my interests and just be true to myself. ;o

  • Yuliya

    Harry Potter is bloody awesome k???

  • Lily

    thanks for the good comments! lol i couldn’t believe it when they made my idea into a comic! i thought they never would! 🙂

  • Lily

    thanks guys for the comments! i was the one who had the idea for this comic and i really like how the person drew it out! 🙂

  • jay

    nice story=) <3

  • Louise

    Aww thats so sweet. I think they should show that in schools coz its a wonderful story 🙂

  • Khai

    Thats a nice story 😀

  • kayla

    that happend to me when I went to a new school from the first moment I walked in the room they started manipulating me into someone i wasnt … it was harder to leave the popular group than they make it seem in this comic they did NOT want me to leave and once I did leave they where super mean about it. but now finally i have friends that love me for me and not how i look