Reader Confession: I Had Such a Big Crush on a Cartoon Character That…

he's just not that into you

After watching the video of the little gURL playing with a dead squirrel, we remembered how freaking weird kids can be. Curiosity and confusion about life clearly made us do some pretty funny stuff. Just ask .SIL., who shared her story on the Shout Out Boards:

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“I once had a really massive tantrum because I wanted to climb into the television so I could be in ‘Aaah! Real Monsters!’ because I had a massive crush on one of the monsters (Ickis if anyone’s wondering!). My parents spent a whole day trying to explain to me why I couldn’t get into the television but I wouldn’t listen! At one point I told my dad to get a hammer and make a hole in the TV so I could climb in but thankfully he wasn’t that eager to appease his little girl..

I was a really weird kid. I also used to want to be Aladdin from the Disney movie and I used to jump off of things while I shouted ‘I’m Aladdin!’. My mum loves to tell that one to new boyfriends, she thinks it’s hilarious!”

What’s the strangest thing you ever did as a kid? Was it funnier than trying to climb through the TV? Tell us below! And, want to share your own Confession? Send it in to!

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  • Roxy

    I had the biggest crush on Inuyasha and Naruko from inuyasha i like litterally was obsessed but its like kinda turned me on when inuyasha went full on demon xD

  • nissa


  • Janei

    I have a crush on Ferb!!!!!!

  • Janei


  • rhibee

    I HAVE a crush on zuko and it got worse when he cut his hair. I also have a huge crush on sasuke and link from zelda

  • Kristin.

    Man, I have a crush on Finn from ‘Adventure Time’ and Robin from ‘Teen Titans’ Haaha.. Wow..

  • Lizzette

    Er. I used to (okay, I STILL do) have a huge crush on Christophe and Kenny from South Park…Haha, I think I used to have a crush on Dib from Invader Zim. Also Link from Legend of Zelda… and Jack Spicer from Xiaoling Showdown… and Butch from Powerpuff Girls… and Edd from Ed, Edd and Eddy…and Garu from Puca…and the list goes on and on. Thankfully I never did anything “stupid” about it and got over them…er, I can’t say the same thing about anime characters, haha.

  • Morgan

    Yes! Everyone give Zuko some love, he certainly could use some! I had a total crush even when he had that stupid ponytail.

  • phineas is my bf

    I have a crush on phineas

  • Marissa

    Oh, and Robin from ‘Teen Titans’!

    I just remembered that I had a huge crush on him!

    • lala

      dude no way me 2!!! 😀

      • Emmy

        omg me 2! lol looking bak on that now im like “omg really emmy? wow..”

    • Cara Adeline

      Ooooohhh…. That brings back memories!! I was fairly young when that show was on but, um.. yea I thought he was cute and I would marry him when I would turn 18. Cuz cartoons can’t become old ( unless y’know the illistrator decides the other way.) now, I’m like Emmy just wow.

  • Marissa

    I have had a lot of cartoon crushes! But the biggest crush I’ve had on a cartoon character would have to be Peter Pan or Jim Hawkins. :c)

    I grew up watching practically only Disney movies.

    I also still think Peter and Jim are cute to this day… x) Mostly Jim now.

  • Kiarra

    hehe I had a crush on Ash Ketchum from Pokemon! 😀

  • Nevaeh

    Haha I hadd a crush on Hey Arnold! lol I was suchh a crazyy little girl lol. 90’s cartoons are awesome tho! I still love Invader Zim tho:D && even the rest of them

  • sam

    Yes Elmo is awesome!!!!
    I also love winnie the pooh actually I am obsessed with him. I have a ton of things that have winnie the pooh on it, I was even at a store once and they had baby clothes that had a series of winnie the pooh on them and I bought them for my future child. So it’s normal

  • ()

    haha i had a crush on bugs bunny once!!!

  • Shay

    I had (and still do sorta) a crush on Zuko from Avatar:The last Airbender and Nico from:The Percy Jackson and The Olympians series 🙂

    • katie

      omg i thought i was the only one who thought zuko as cute

    • Kirann

      Yeah Gurl! Zuko all the wayyy!

    • Emily

      haha lol same here!!!!

      • Sierra

        Hahaha totally agree with y’all! I’m so happy theres other Gurls who think the same lol xD ..i have him Zuko for my background on the computer 🙂

    • Emmy

      me too X D lol im so glad zuko cut his hair in the end tho. the whole ponytail/bald thing was rlly weird

    • Leigh

      I love Zuko! Glad I’m not alone. I told my friend ans she looked at me like I was crazy!

    • kaitlyn

      lol I <3 Nico 2! and percy and connor and travis and…well if i list them all we'll be here all night

  • Mable

    I don’t care what people say I love Elmo!!!! I adore him I sing his sings. I watch the show just to see him. Call me crazy but its love! I sometimes call myself Maymo. I have an Elmo purse too. ELMO!!!!!!

  • Jessyca

    when i was younger from10- 16 i had crushes on alot of anime characters and id obsess over them to a tiring degree when i talked to my friends they had crushes on some of the same characters and one day on i noticed my crushes names all around the website and i learned about fanfiction stuff i showed my friends and theyd read stories all day and refer stories so now imagine an entire room with five girl surrounding a computer squealing over Renji from Bleach or Sasuke from naruto
    lol so im glad to see its normal cause now i know theres an entire website for girls who have crushes
    i even remember when i was younger id have a spare pillow and id pretend it was whomever i was obsessed with at the time and id be in my own little world being ninjas and such. LOL

    • Emmy

      omg me too! renji was my like secret crush. used to think i was totally weird about it, but now im glad its normal 😀

    • Mary

      I know how you feel! when I was younger (around my 8th grade year) I had a huge crush on Sasuke from Naruto and got really into anime and discovered fanfiction when I went on and later I found doujinshi from someone I met on a fanfiction website called even now I’m still really into anime but now I’m more into other shows (like Hetalia for one) and don’t have the same crush on Sasuke or some of the other guys I thought were cute (and some I still think they are)

  • MadamM

    I had many cartoon crushes as a kid, even as old as 15! At first I was embarressed about it but when I talked to my friends I discovered that it is totally normal. All girls want to be swept off their feet by someone they admire whether it’s a night in shinning armor…or a little red monster, it’s totally cool. ;D

    Just a few of my many childhood crushes:

    Tuxido Mask, Gohun and Zuko. <3

    • Shay

      Yeah Zuko is AWESOME

  • Emily

    im obessesd with cars, the movie. i have 3 copies of it and the bed sheets and 3 posters (my rents wont let me get anymore) if i had the money i would buy every cars and cars 2 toy out there, i love lightning mcqueen, he is my hero, and i hate sally. i fully love it, i cryed when i found out it was ment to come out in 2010 but they moved it to 2012 and now it came out in 2011! i have seen 3 times so far, i seriously love these movies