Rebecca Black: I’m Not Pregnant!

the pics that started it all

In case the Internet isn’t mean enough to Rebecca Black, this weekend, cyberbullies everywhere spread the word that the “Friday” singer was preggers!

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It all started as a Facebook joke, where someone Photoshopped a pic of Rebecca holding up a sign that said “I’m pregnant! 5/15/2011”. Someone believed the joke and it blew up from there.

Rebecca — who’s only 13-years-old, BTW — addressed the rumor on her Twitter, “I thought it was May 15th…not April Fools Day. I’m absolutely NOT pregnant.”

Do you feel bad for Rebecca? Has anyone ever spread really bad gossip about you? What happened? Share below.

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  • Kourt

    somebody gossiped about me about school about how i was prego to and how i was going out with another girl and i really wasn’t i had a wonderful relationship with a boy i really love…

  • taylor

    I HATE GOSSIP!!!! Poor Rebecca!!! no matter how bad the person, nobody likes to be gossiped about!!