I Missed a Few Birth Control Pills. Could I Be Pregnant?

Not as easy as they look!

Hi Heather,

I missed a few of my pills and then had unprotected sex. I also had unprotected sex after I stopped taking my pill, four days before my period. Could I possibly be pregnant? I’ve tried to look it up but some people say they did and some people say you can’t, I’m really confused.

In this kind of situation, since I don’t know all of the details and I’m not your doctor, I can’t tell you if you could be pregnant or not. But since you had unprotected sex, there’s a definitely a chance that you could be pregnant.

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When taken each day as directed, the pill is 99% effective. Even if you forget to take it once in a while it can be 91% effective. But when you’re missing lots of days or consecutive days, and still having unprotected sex — especially while you’re ovulating — the chances of conception are much higher. Planned Parenthood advises that if you have sex within seven days after you’ve missed a pill, you should use a back-up form of birth control, such as a condom or one of these other barrier methods.

Unfortunately, finding out if you’re pregnant isn’t as easy as asking someone or looking up symptoms online. To be sure, take a pregnancy test either at-home or at a doctor’s office. To prevent future scares and to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases and infections, consider talking to your doctor about using a contraceptive method that doesn’t rely on memory, like condoms, or look into getting an IUD or the shot

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Let me know how it goes, okay?

WDYT she should do, gURLs? Have you ever had a pregnancy scare? Have you ever forgotten to take your pill? Share your stories and advice below.

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  • kirky louise

    I dunt no if i put this in reg place bit im confused i havnt taken my pill for four days now nd im aving a bleed is this normal i missed all four in a row nd i started a bleed on the third day i missed the pills in my third week i did a pregnancy test few days ago came bk negative could i be pregnant ???? I av a two year old son ready nd wounldnt mind if inwer just nees advise thankyou

  • Molly

    I missed my last week of birth control starting saturday. I had unprotected sex sunday and monday and tuesday.tuesday I had some cramping. Then wendsdayi started getting really nauseois. I have been having headachs and dizziness and I’m supper tired. My period was two days laye. Took a hpy and it wad negative. When I finally starred my period it was brownish and gooey (tmi I’m sorry) and then continued to become red ( still gooey:/) and today its gone..

  • Yasmine

    Hi . . . So I’ve on birth control for 2 months and yesterday 09/09/13 I had unprotected sex and I forgot to the the pill last night, but in the morning I took 2 so is it possible I may be pregnant ? . . . Please help.

  • jasmine

    Hi… I have been on da pill for about 2 years… And yesterday 06/18/13 was da 1st time I missed a pill and today 06/19/13 I had unprotected sex and took da 2 pill after… Could I get pregnant??

  • mel

    so I think I might have missed like a month and a half of my pills I took a pregnancy test but it said no I’ve been bleeding so do I wait and take another test or should I just rule ou being pregnant and we had a lot of sex with out condoms.

  • Clarissa

    So here is my situation, during the second week of my birthcontrol I missed three days and had breakthrough bleeding a little, then doubled up for two days and missed another and took one but decided I should stop and wait for my new pack, all the while having unprotected sex everyweekend but we use the pull out method, I remember one time he pulled out but didnt cum, we don’t kno if he accidentally came inside me or not. So now I am confused, Sunday which was the day my period was suppose to start, it did. It was light at first then got red with a lil but of clotting then it got brown towards the night and through the next day it was very light and brown not any really red blood. Ad today which is the third day, I barely had a little brown discharge. My boobs are a little tender… And i pee alot regularly so it’s hard to tell if it’s increased, do you think I could b pregnant?

  • katey11

    I’m 19 years old, turning 20 in April and I am on the pill. I accidently forgot to take the first 2 pills of the pack. I have been on the pill for almost 2 years now. Anyway, I was just wondering how likely it is to fall pregnant. I am due for my period in a week and I am really worried. Please help. Xx

    • holly

      no i highly doubt it. It took 5 months for me to get pregnant after I stopped taking my BC pills completely

  • Clarissa

    Ok I am 17, an I am on birth control. It’s a 28 day cycle. Well I lost my packet so I can’t tell you much but I’ve missed 3 pills, and I think I’m on week Two… I really wish I knew for sure.. But anyway, the weekend before I missed any pills I had un protected sex even though my boyfriend pulls out. Well even after missing some pills I still had unprotected sex (he always pulls out) well now I’m bleeding and cramping a little bit, and I don’t know why? I think it’s “breakthrough bleeding” but what should I do if I can’t find my packet and if it is breakthrough bleeding, does that mean my period should still come, or is this my period? Or is it random bleeding? Can I possible get pregnant?

  • sienna

    Okay . So my situation is simular but a bit different. I missed 2 pills and had unprotrcted sex . Then i remebered and took the pills i missed and took yhe one for that day. Which wad on a thursday . I followed up on my pills and then saturday was when i was due for my period . But it nevr came. So i took a pregnancy test on monday and said i wasnot pregnant . But my period hasnt come yet. Im so confused am i or am i not pregnant?? Help me

  • jennie

    hi…I am just confused lately coz i’ve missed my usual period that usually starts 5-7 days after taking a pack of my daily oral contraceptive pill.What made me suspects that i am pregnant was because I knew for a fact that I have missed taking some of it sometimes,though there were also times when i will take 2 tablets if i remembered it in the morning ( coz i usually been taking it at night….It is possible that I am pregnant? thanks…My last period was last week of may and I havent got any until now and its already the first week of july…by the way, we had not been using condoms either.

  • jamie hull

    i think i am pregnant cuz i missed my pill today but its ok am 21 and i want to get pregnant. thanks

  • You’ve got great insights about sex, keep up the good work!

  • Magaly

    Studies do show that you could be pregnant, but my advice would be that you should talk to your parents and go to a doctor to take a pregnancy test there just to be sure, i also wanted to know how old you are, and if you are young and pregnant you will be in my prayers, dont worry what evers happens know that there are millions of people out there and will support you, i would suggest that you tell who the you had sex with because he should really know because this completely involves, i will pray for you, take care, <3

  • Unfortunately, that can get you pregnant. But my advice is to find a support group or find people to pray with you. 🙂 Remember, God still cares about you. 🙂 May the Lord bless you. 🙂

  • Wishimay

    So we’ve been talking about ovulation and things along these lines in biology recently and i don’t want to freak you out but this was one of the things we talked about. One of the girls in my class asked if someone could be pregnant if they missed a day on the pill. Our teacher told us that it was very likely because when your on the pill its tricking your body into believing that your pregnant so that your body wont release the hormones that make you have your period. When you miss a pill all those hormones that have been held back are all released and could very likely cause automatic ovulation making it a lot more likely that you’ll get pregnant especially if you have had unprotected sex.
    I hope this helped