demi lovato once again proves she’s amazing.

we can't get enough of demi's wisdom

Know what’s not easy? Suffering from bipolar disorder. And having an eating disorder. And then going to rehab, recovering in front of the world and spreading the message that lots of gURLs silently live the same nightmare alone. No wonder we love Demi Lovato so much.

|Not sure what it means to be bipolar? gURL’s got the Fast Facts!|

Now, the Camp Rock star is on Twitter to fight anti-bullying and the pressure to be thin. Tweets Demi, “My heart goes out to any and all women who deal with this daily battle,” and adds, “I wish there wasn’t so much pressure on society to be thin.. It makes recovery so much harder. #stayingstrong.”

We also <3 that Demi is telling the world that it’s not cool to make light of the issues that so many gURLs deal with: “I can’t stand it when people make fun of the diseases so many people struggle from. Not something to joke about.”

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She says, “Also.. One more thing.. ALONG with making fun of illnesses or diseases, doing it over the internet only makes you more of a coward. Not to mention now you’ve performed the act of cyber-bullying. Something that is equally as wrong and unacceptable.. #NOH8”

What do you think of Demi’s tweets? Do you ever get bullied? Share your stories and thoughts below.

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  • emily

    i love how she can come back from all that and still be strong and open 🙂

  • RareLuv

    I can totally relate to Demi. I’m glad she’s doing better. She’s always been a beautiful, strong girl. Keep on rockin’ Demi. <3 ya. 🙂

  • Taylor

    She rocks, love her! :]

  • Victoria

    Demi Lovato is my Hero<3 I love herr. Stay Strong Demi 🙂