Reader Confession: My PMS Makes Me a Crybaby!

hope you have a tissue handy!

We’re all too familiar with the PMS Monster. Blame it on the estrogen, but something just happens to some of us gURLs right before our periods that makes us total balls of emotion. We thought we heard some funny PMS stories before… and then this Callipepla confessed this on the Shout Out Boards:

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“i dont know about you, but i get pretty weepy around pms time. i think the strangest thing ive cried about while pmsing was friskies commercial. i know, super stupid, but all i could think of was ‘that cat looks so happy!’ *tear*”

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever cried to while PMSing? Was it as silly as this? Tell us below! And, want to share your own Confession? Send it in to!

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  • Kat

    wow which ones to tell… i cried once during a ford truck commercial and i still dont know why.haha at school one time one of my teachers says u have to put ur name date and hour on ur paper or else u get a minus 5.well i forgot once on a 3 piont quiz and so i got a 0, and it was right before my period and i started bawling…one of my friends who sits next to me was like whats wrong and i said dont ask…she still teases me about it

  • Anonymous

    One time over the summer when I was hanging out with my boyfriend, we were cooking and the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy was on TV. Now, for the past week or so I’d had a bunch of people in my family picking on me for being a miserable child (which I was, I’m not denying that), and it had started getting to me.

    After a funny part involving Billy doing something stupid and Mandy doing her usual miserable bitch thing, my boyfriend turned to me and said, “You know, sometimes yo remind me of Mandy.”

    I burst out crying and asked him if I was really that miserable of a person. Apparently he meant it as I’m constantly dealing with stupid people, but I took it as him saying I was never happy, so… yeah.

  • SAM

    One time, I was laying in bed and listening to music and I started laughing for no reason; I was utterly concerned that I was going crazy, then I started crying because my “friends” neglecting me at the time. But, then I started laughing again. I then starting crying because I wanted my mom to know I love her so much. Weird…

  • SAM

    One time, I was laying in bed and listening to music and I started laughing for no reason; I was utterly concerned that I was going crazy, then I started crying because I

  • Michelle

    oh my goodness i thought i was the only one! X’D one day i was pms’ing like crazy and my mom and i were sitting on the couch watching tv and suddenly i started crying because i was so hungry and there was no food in the house. then i started laughing because i was crying. then i was crying because i was hungry. then i was laughing because i thought i was going crazy. my mom just sat there and watched me, laughing her ass off and i was just like “I AM SOOOO HUNGRYYYY!! D:” later that same day i was watching Jersey Shore and it was the episode where Snookie’s boyfriend left her and she was heartbroken, and she was crying so i started crying for her. like, i never even watch Jersey Shore but i felt so bad for her so i was like “omg baby! </3" ugh there are SO many other stories i could tell but we'll just leave it at this lol.

  • Vada

    I burst into tears at the mall yesterday because I thought a shirt was so adorable. Ah, it was so embarrassing.

  • chelisha

    never underestimate the power of pms.

    copy and paste this to your comment!

  • K.P.

    i cry about nonsense all the time while PMSing! my worst was probably when we were at the restaurant Red Lobster and we had this really nice waitress and at the end she was talking about how we can fill out a survey to tell them how everything was and how she did. my grandpa then told her how she was one of our best waitresses and made the meal more enjoyable because she was so nice. my dad also made a comment to her about how great she was. i felt so happy for her and thought about how i would feel if i was her and literally started bawling right in the middle of the restaurant. my family still brings it up and it happened like almost 2 months ago.

  • Kelsey

    I totally understand. My boyfriend gets so mad because when i’m on my period i become the biggest cry baby ever. Its not that commercials touch me or anything but like he can be messing around with me and i’ll just start bawling and get mad. Its awful how bad my moods range.

  • Georgia


  • Brittany

    I cry everytime for like… at least 2 times in some random day of my period. My boyfriend lives far away and I’m on a budget to visit him. He can’t come here because he has to apply for a visa. I repeat stuff I say to him about life and death with love. He gets tired but understands.

  • Gwen

    I totally know how you feel. I cry over stupid things when I pms that wouldn’t have bugged me otherwise. One cried because my brother ate my chocolate bar that I put in the fridge because it was melted. Stereotypical pms?

  • Gretchen

    I was in a Pizza Hut and I cried because I saw an overweight little boy out to eat with his family. I just thought his future and how cruel kids can be and the tears just started flowing.

  • lalala

    lolzzz haha nice…i rememebr one night i was mad about something then i started thinking oooh thta silly and laughed but then i started to cry and then i got mad again and started crying after that cuz i thouhgt i was going nuts! lolz stupid i know

  • Chantelle

    I cried once because my parents had salad in a restaurant and I didn’t. *sigh* When I look at it now, I think wow, and laugh.

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  • kaitlyn

    omg that kinda funny lol i actuly kinda do the same thing when i was at lunch after i ate a brownie and first to say i like my body but after i ate that browine a gurl said is it good and i started bawling my eyes out thinking im fat………. lol

  • misha

    my boyfriend and i were hanging out doing nothing. Suddenly he said he was bored and i started bawling and couldnt stop for like an hour. He was so confused and didnt know what to. When i finally stopped my cat came over and licked my toes and i started crying again. It was a long day.

  • Cody

    Haha, that’s kinda cute if you ask me!!! I know the feeling, though….
    Right at my PMS time my bf broke up with me, and that night my mum and my sisters were watching High School Musical with me and right when Troy and Vanessa were about to kiss I burst in to tears. My mum and sisters were so confused…. I was going on about how my boyfriend would never treat me like that and why can’t yr.7 boys be like Troy??? So over him now but at least I understand why my sisters and mum were in stiches from laughter!!!!

  • Jill

    it was spring photo time and i spent all morning putting my hair into an awesome updo and then my dad said ” that cool, but i like your hair down better. so i spent the next half hour pulling out Bobbi pins and crying my eyes out. *sigh*