Reader Confession: My PMS Makes Me a Crybaby!

hope you have a tissue handy!

We’re all too familiar with the PMS Monster. Blame it on the estrogen, but something just happens to some of us gURLs right before our periods that makes us total balls of emotion. We thought we heard some funny PMS stories before… and then this Callipepla confessed this on the Shout Out Boards:

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“i dont know about you, but i get pretty weepy around pms time. i think the strangest thing ive cried about while pmsing was friskies commercial. i know, super stupid, but all i could think of was ‘that cat looks so happy!’ *tear*”

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever cried to while PMSing? Was it as silly as this? Tell us below! And, want to share your own Confession? Send it in to!

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  • tailor

    I just cried for 45 minutes straight because my boyfriend fell asleep and I wanted him to cuddle with me. Of course I woke him up and that made him mad so then I started to cry even more cause he was mad at me. Toward the end I was mostly just crying cause I was so embaressed of acting so crazy… my boyfriend sounded like Seth Rogen in knocked because he said to me fuck you hormones not you hormones hahahha aha oh the joys of being a girl

  • Kim

    I started my cycle on a Monday morning. I switched off my phone and stayed in all day. Night time came and as I got into bed something just didnt feel right about my covers. I pulled them and I even tossed and turned multiple times thinking I might be laying in a bad position but still I wasnt comfortable. I couldnt take it anymore so I eventually just burst out into uncontrollable crying. I wept like a child.
    The night before I picked a fight with my bf for absolutely no reason. WTF?? #MoodSwings (-___-)

  • Alexes

    I was talking to my boyfriend on the phone and he had a really long day. He told me if he could get off because he wanted to get a snack because he was hungry and he would call me right back. I started to bawl!!! I had no idea why I cried I just did he was laughing through the whole thing-__-

  • jaypea

    last week I was PMSing and was walking to the bus stop. as I turn the corner the bus pulls up early so I run towards it waving my arms. I was less than 10 feet away when the bus pulled away and drove off. I took this very personally and cried and wept until the next bus came.

  • Cashhh

    I cried cuz I was watching cops and a crack addict went to jail…

  • Laura

    Well I was attempting to do my homework at my desk, and I dropped my pen on the floor. I burst into tears because I couldn’t pick it up. General stuff like that happens a lot during my period, I’m definitely a crier.

    Then there was another time, I accidentally stepped on an ants nest, and then I cried uncontrollably for a good half an hour because I had crushed some living creatures’ lives, and I was thinking about how sad their ant families would be feeling… *cringe*

  • @AngelRoseIX

    Uqh, i usually dont pms, but yesterday I was all over the place lol. I always call my bf’s name and say nada to him when he answers me, i just pretend i never called him. So its understandable that sometimes he doesnt answer, but yesterday i kept calling his name & he would look at me & smile. By the 5th time he didnt even look at me (he was distracted) i just started to bawllllllllll like there was just tears in my system. I was just like he doesnt love me anymore cause he didnt look at me.

    Then like 2 minutes later i cried even more cause i didnt know why i was so emotional lol

  • Tia

    I cried cuz my brother told me to wash the dishes

  • Kayla

    Once i wasnt invtied to my friends house to hangout and i bursted out crying and saying you guys hate me!!! they said well you had a basketball game and we didnt know you wanted to come over…