There is a thin membrane of tissue across the vaginal opening called the hymen. Historically, it was believed that the hymenwas a sign of sexual purity that was “broken” the first time a female had intercourse.

Nowadays, it’s recognized that hymens come in all shapes and sizes, and that they can break and bleed due to playing sports, a pelvic exam, or by using tampons. The condition of a hymen does not “prove” virginity.

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  • Nicole

    this article is incredibly biased… if losing your virginity only constitutes “penis in vagina” intercourse, what about gays and lesbians?? are they virgins for life if they have never had heterosexual sex?

    • jane

      good point. this article only really works for people like me who want their first time to be “regular” sex, because it’s the only way your virginity is not debateable.