Sex Toys: Vibrators and Dildos

Vibrators and dildos are sex toys that can be used for masturbation and/or sex. All different people use vibrators and dildos in a variety of ways–either alone, with a partner or a group of people.

Vibrators vibrate (surprise!) to increase stimulation to a desired body part, be it the clitoris, vagina, anus or any other erogenous body parts. They are either battery operated or electric and they are either phallic-shaped (for internal or external use) or shaped like a back massager (for external use).

A dildo, on the other hand, is completely controlled by the speed and tempo of the person using it. They, too, are generally phallic-shaped. Dildos can be used by hand or by strapping it on to a body with a dildo harness and “wearing” the dildo in order to have sex with penetration.

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