Definition: Your period, otherwise known as menstruation, happens once a month (sometimes more or less if you have an irregular cycle). It’s basically the discharge of blood that happens in non-pregnant females when the lining of your uterus and the unfertilized egg sheds itself. Even though it seems like a lot of blood, you only lose approximately four to six tablespoons (maybe more, depending on your body). Tissue and water make up the rest of the stuff that comes out.

Slang: Some common phrases/words used to describe menstruation: Aunt Flo, Big Red, the rag, being on the rag, the curse, a friendly visitor, the dot, etc…

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  • heaven hall

    Dear gurl I just bought tampax tampons with the cardboard applicators. I had previously used tampax pearls and those were pretty easy to use. But with the cardboard applicator it was a bit difficult and a tad bit painful. Any tips on how to use the cardboard applicators vs the plaastic ones?
    Sincerely, ChinaLove

    • JMOM

      Put a little bit of petroleum jelly on the tip of the tampon. Hope this helps!!