Haemi’s High School Adventures: Laughing Your Period Off

Art & Story By: Haemi Choung

Art & Story By: Haemi Choung

Art & Story By: Haemi Choung

Art & Story By: Haemi Choung

Art & Story By: Haemi Choung

Art & Story By: Haemi Choung

Art & Story By: Haemi Choung

Art & Story By: Haemi Choung

Art & Story By: Haemi Choung

Art & Story By: Haemi Choung

Art & Story By: Haemi Choung

Art & Story By: Haemi Choung

Art & Story By: Haemi Choung

Art & Story By: Haemi Choung

Art & Story By: Haemi Choung

Art & Story By: Haemi Choung

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  1. avatar Samisarah says:

    Haha i was at a sleepover and the girls room was white and i did a backflip and it got all over her wall and the stain is till there hahhahaa

  2. avatar gymnast13 says:

    i got my period when i was 6 and my dad was home so i ran downstairs screaming cuz i thought i was dying and he took me to the hospital… awkward

  3. avatar TrendyNerdLuvMB says:

    Ok, the first time actually….wasn’t that embarrassing…lucky for me….I just went to the bathroom, and found blood on my undies…and that is it. But that was when I FIRST got it.

    My second time…same thing but during that period of five days, there was one day where there was a tiny spot…I was afraid that a person would notice so I kept pulling my shirt down…

    Periods may get on peoples nerves….(Honestly, it doesn’t get on my nerves…every women gets it!) But just remember that GIRLS RULE!!! <3

    -TrendyNerdLuvMB Out! 8^D

  4. avatar libby says:

    i was 12 when i started my period and i sit with my crush in class and every time i’m crabby he’ll go ‘ooo your time of the month again?’ he is sooooo irritating and then he found my pads in my bag! i was like OMG!!!!! and he looked really uncomfortable! :(

  5. avatar Rachellovesyou says:

    hahaha i was 12 and it was in my brand new bright white pants, thankgoodnes only i notices the giant red blotch on my pants though..

  6. avatar Riley says:

    I was 9 I was a pagent girl I was wearing a tiny little dress and I done my routine and blood all over my dress I ran off crying I thought I Was dying

    • avatar TrendyNerdLuvMB says:

      You gotten it when you were 9!?! You’re an early bloomer!

      -TrendyNerdLuvMB Out! 8^D

  7. avatar Amy says:

    I was 11. It happened at school. I was all fine and happy and what not, when we had a bathroom break. Except I thought the toilet paper was red today or something, so I got a new piece and there it was again. I was mortified and I had to ask the teacher if I could go to the nurse, then I had to tell the nurse my problem *thank goodness only girls were in there at that time* I had no idea which pad because my mom had bigger ones and I was just like, Oh this one/ Yep…chose the WORSE one! At least it wasn’t as heavy as it was on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th day. Ugh I hate periods!

  8. avatar jay says:

    we all know periods suck! i feel for you, sounds pretty embarassing

  9. avatar Aspyn Jean says:

    OMG!!!! This happened on the first day of 7th grade i didnt have anything to change into so i just tried to cover it up with my shirt by pulling it down but nobody noticed. THANK GOD NOBODY NOTICED haha

  10. avatar sylest says:

    that happened to me too!! except the guy who noticed was the guy i had a crush onn! :/ and im pretty sure he knew what it was!! >.<

  11. avatar Domi says:

    Leaked a lot of times for me :/ but now I’m older it’s better dunno why… mines really heavy so thats why it happened. Used my school bag to hide it had it slung low over my ass :)

  12. avatar LIanna says:

    One time I had gotten my period and was performing a concert and i had on a white belly dancing outfit on and i did a splt and when i looked down there was blood on the floor and blood all over my outfit and everyone was laughing i was only in 3rd grade but alrady had had my period!!! LOL WDOML

  13. avatar Kiarra says:

    One time i peed my period….UGH so gross and uncomfortable. :/

  14. avatar Meghan says:

    i have already started puberty but havent had my period , Why ;/ im very confused and need help ..

  15. avatar Nikki says:

    Omg I Know How This Goes!

  16. avatar Sandra says:

    This same thing happened to me…more than once…the first time I had a football game…I am in the band so as soon as i realized this had happened i went into my locker and changed into my shorts for the game and thankfully after school my mom brought me another pair of shorts and pads

  17. avatar Raquel says:

    omg, same thing happened to me. But I think I was worse. My whole pants were red. However, since I had really dark jeans on it wasnt’ that bad, but you could tell if you looked twice. I went through the whole day with that all the way home. I had nothing to change in, and just tried to survive. AND NO ONE TOLD ME!!! I was so embarrassed, I just wanted to die.

  18. avatar mackie brown c. says:

    if u start puberty your period could come but noone knows exactly when someone starts it could be as soon as you hit puberty or it could not come til you’re 16. trust me i know!

  19. avatar taylor says:

    That was a cute lil lesson, they should of told me this earlier when i was in middle school it could of been a good help then.

  20. avatar chloe says:

    if you have started puberty isn’t your period supposed to come at the same time as that?

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