cyber sex: cool stuff alert!

We’ve seen so many awesome things on the Internet this week, we just had to share:

Ever heard of Warby Parker? They’re an amazing glasses company that gives someone in need a pair of glasses when you buy a pair. On top of that, glasses are $95. You can order a bunch of pairs online, and only keep and pay for the one you like best. Also, they are freaking CUTE. [Warby Parker]

Are you a filmmaker? Upload your short film between April 27th and May 20th and you can win a Mac computer loaded with movie-editing software, an iPad 2, a camcorder, $1,000 for your school’s drama or arts department, and a chance for you and five of your friends to see your movie screened before Super 8 on opening day! So very sick. [Channel One]

Arm The Animals is an organization that makes stellar shirts and hoodies, and they give the profits to animal care organizations. Call us partial, but we love the white shirt with the pink kitty. [Arm The Animals]

And speaking of our furry friends, check out this cool event for New York’s animal shelters. Tickets are on sale and the cause is oh so excellent. [Love 4 Animals Fundraiser]

Last but not least, a lovely company called O2 MAX just created a Youth Fitness Passport program that teaches teens how to get fit for a lifetime. Programs cost $50 and up, but a few lucky students can get a passport for free. E-mail for an application. [O2 MAX]

Have you seen anything cool on the web lately? Leave it in the comments below!

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