Help Me Peta2: What’s the Easiest Way to Go Veg?

Alright, gURLs, Rachel here—and it’s almost my last blog with you for peta2 month! Sad, I know—but you can always keep in touch by e-mailing me at and adding me on Facebook! Now let’s get to more of your questions!

What’s the easiest way to start transitioning to vegetarianism?

This is a tough one! Everyone has a different way of going about giving up animal products. Some people go cold tofurky right away, and others slowly transition by eating less meat over time. There are lots of vegan products on the market that make it super easy to transition—things like vegan chicken, vegan riblets, non-dairy cheese, vegan ice cream, etc—and you can even find vegan food at places like Taco Bell and other chain restaurants. My personal tip is to start trying lots of new foods, new fruits and veggies, and try out some recipes. I replaced foods I had once thought I couldn’t live without with new ones, that way I didn’t miss anything but found all new favorite foods instead!

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One important thing to help you stay on track is to keep in mind why you’re making the transition—whether it’s for health reasons, because you care about the environment, or (most commonly) because you love animals and know it’s wrong to hurt them. If you’re ever feeling like giving up meat is too hard or you forget why you’re doing it, watch this:, check out the peta2 blog for tips, contests, and advice, and e-mail us at for help! That’s what we’re here for :).

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Are you thinking about becoming a vegetarian? What inspired you to it? And if you’re a vegetarian already, what are your best tips? Share below.

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