Discuss: Do You Think gURLs Ever Get Pregnant Just to Be on Tv?

Anyone who watches 16 & Pregnant knows that life with a baby can be really, REALLY hard. On the flip side, those gURLs do get to star on a huge MTV show and a lot of them become famous(ish). Look at Amber Portwood!

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According to TMZ, 16 and Pregnant teen dad John Smith is saying that his baby mama Jennifer Del Rio purposely got pregnant so that she could be on the series.

Says John, “She was giving me sonogram pictures … that she claimed was ‘our baby’ when in actuality it was her friend’s sonogram pictures she was copying. She lied to me and my parents for 3 months saying she was pregnant. She wanted so desperately to be on 16 & Pregnant.”

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Do you think any of the 16 and Pregnant moms had their babies just to be famous? Would you ever get pregnant to be on TV? Discuss!

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  • kadijah sharpe

    i meant really the boy out here having sex with girl to improve them point where the feeling goes. i believe that these get pregant for a reson.

  • Kendraaaaa

    Some girls I don’t think they did it on purpose but then again some girls… will do ANYTHING to get on tv. and girls lie about being pregnant to get attention. It’s sad.. but i do believe that some of the girls wanted to be on tv so bad, they decide to have a baby.. that they were not READY FOR.

    So selfish. and it’s not fair for the child either. cause you want fame? Make an invention or something. not inventing a child. lol wat in the world.

  • Michelle

    I believe that there are girls who get pregnant to get on the show. Wanting attention, gaining fame, and the potential to make money is very appealing to a lot of girls. And they would do anything to get that, even risking the future of the child. It would be naive to think some girls wouldn’t do that. But, I would like to hope that those people get cast aside when they choose the girls to be on the show. It’s a shame what people are willing to do to for 30 minutes of fame. And it’s sick that they would carelessly have sex and get pregnant to be on a TV show. They are only thinking about themselves, and I can only pray the child would be okay after the whole ordeal.

  • Carlayjah

    I actually like the show 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom. I don’t really believe those girls got pregnant on purpose. But if they did it didn’t make them famous. It just put a bad name to themselves.

  • Sarah

    Oh my God, that is selfish BEYOND MEANS. I doubt she knows how hard it is to care for a child. What would she doe once the baby was born?! Having thirty minutes to an hour of fame doesn’t compete to giving up 18 years of your life to raise a baby. The dad must feel horrible. I hope the girl learns her lesson. I hope she gets some kind of punishment for faking something like this, so he wouldn’t wear a condom and she would actually get pregnant. Seriously, how stupid is she? There are so many other ways to get famous then be on 16 & Pregnant. 16 & Pregnant is supposed to be a show that shows teen girls that being a mom at their age is hard and there are a lot of sacrifices to make, most you don’t want. Stupid teenager D: At least she got what she wanted, to be known. But now she’s known as the stupid girl who wanted to get famous from 16 & Pregnant. Amber Portwood probably made her think if her 16 & Pregnant story was interesting or “touching” enough to the MTV Producers, she could get on Teen Mom and make more money then my MOM makes in a year.

    • Akansha

      Yaaa dear you are just right….

    • Chartiy

      Who are you to call her selfish? Do you know her? I really dont think its fair to cal her stupid either! I have a three year old son and a two year old daughter, and im only nine-teen years old. Yes, my husband and I have had our fair share of hardtimes but we do just fine in providing for our children. Being a teen mom does not make you stupid either. I am a high school graduate and about to go into my second year of college. I have lived on my own since I was fifteen, and my husband and I do everything on our own with no help, and I just work at a resurant, so its do-able. Take it from someone with experiance, the father is going to say whatever it is he can to make her look bad, to take the spotlight off of him being a bad father (And you actually fell for it?) ! I feel no sympathy for the father, they both knew what they were doing, not using a contraceptive. HAVENT YOU HEARD: ( YOU SHOULDN’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU HEAR.) Especially when it comes from a dead-beat dad!!!!!