Help Me Henry: Will a Guy Ask Me to the Prom if I Have Acne?

pick your date, not your face!

Henry here, answering questions for you that only a guy can. Today, Allison wants to know:

Dear Henry,

I recently turned 17 and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I’ve been having a lot of problems with acne! My mom keeps telling me it will eventually go away with age, but I can’t wait around forever, especially because there’s this guy I’ve been talking to and I really want him to ask me to prom! So I guess my question is…would you or any other guy ever ask a girl out if she had acne???

As a guy who struggled with acne, I can really relate to how much it sucks. But first thing’s first: Mom is right that acne might eventually go away with age, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something you can do about it. I really rely on ZAPZYT‘s acne fighting products, like their Acne Treatment Gel and Acne Wash. (And yes ladies, guys really do use face washes even if they say they don’t.)

Now for that guy you want to ask you to prom… Chances are, if you’re already talking to this guy, he’s interested in you, acne or not. I know guys can come off a little shallow sometimes when it comes to a girl’s looks, but if we’re really interested, stupid stuff like acne (or the clothes you wear, etc.) doesn’t even come into play.

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I’d say do your best to clear up the acne, but don’t let it consume your life. Prom is supposed to be fun (for girls, anyway), and if you really want to go with this guy, why not just ask him? Maybe he thinks he’ll look silly in a tux or has a zit too and is nervous about asking you to prom. In fact, guys normally do this kind of stuff last minute, or they secretly wait until you confront them about it. Either way, you’ll never know unless you try.

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  • kate

    well there is this guy in my class he is so a hottiealert and i was walking to ward him and he took my had to his locker and the he texts me to ask me out then i made tis str at my cell and then he kisst me on the lips but then his gf saw me and him kissing on the lips and ever sints that happend hes bin a ignoring me so i feel like a tottale jerk am i a jerk

    • a.clayton216

      no he is because he knew he already had a gf…we cant help how we feel about guys even when they have a gf because its actually flattering to us..but if he’s willing to cheat on his gf for u then he’s willing to cheat on you for someone else