High School gURL Fakes Being Pregnant for a School Project. Do You Think Teen Moms Get Treated Differently?

is her bump real?

Would you ever fake being pregnant? What if it was for a good cause? For six-and-a-half months, one gURL did it to teach her high school a very important lesson.

|For some gURLs, teen pregnancy is very real. Talk about in on the Shout Out Boards!|

Gaby Rodriguez convinced her mom and principal to let her fake her pregnancy for her senior project in order to educate her classmates about how badly teen moms are treated.

The results were pretty crazy. Read more about them here!

Do you think teen moms get treated poorly? Have you ever judged a pregnant gURL? Why? Share your thoughts and stories below.

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  • Anonymous

    In someways I wish I would have stayed at my school thoughout my pregnancy during senior year. I did get people asking me if I was pregnant but teen moms are treated very unfairly, it could happen to ANYONE who has sex which is more than 50% of the teenage population I am sure. Even if the students at my school didnt know I was pregnant, I still received texts from an unknown number saying that I had an abortion and everyone at my school knew anyway. It was devastating because I was struggling in my pregnancy and they were accusing me of killing my son. Only the immature teenagers treat teen moms unfairly.

  • Pamela

    This is something most high schools need to do, not as a research project but as a lesson…. I’m a teen mother myself and i know i was treated differently by teachers and friends. Luckily i still had family to lean on while in school, because most of my friends turned out to be shallow while people i barely even knew were 100% supportive.

  • Alexandra

    I do think pregnant teens are treated unfairly. It’s not a sign that their baby will be mistreated at all, and adults can be bad parents too. If you’re sexually active, nothing but abstinence is 100% so there is ALWAYS that chance. I don’t think people should only be judging girls, they didn’t grow a penis and impregnate themselves. I do believe they had some help! Better yet, I don’t think anyone deserves to be judged at all. You don’t walk in their shoes everyday, you have no idea what their life is life behind closed doors.

  • Christie

    I loved this story. I just read all the comments on it and I can’t understand why people are downing her. She did it as a social experiment and i think it was really just something to open people’s eyes about when they talk about others. when she made them read the comments they saw just how mean they really were. she could have really stopped it at any time if she felt that it was getting too out of hand and she didn’t. good for her.

  • Kayla

    This was in Toppenish Washington which is like 20 minutes from where I live!!