Help Me Peta2: Won’t Cows Go Extinct if Everyone Goes Vegan?

Hey! Rachel again, here to answer all of your questions about animal rights! A few weeks ago you submitted questions to about veganism, PETA, and more! I’m answering them this week. Check it out!

If everyone in the world were vegan/vegetarian, wouldn’t farm animals go extinct because no one would be there to breed them? Aren’t we kind of keeping them alive?

The simple answer? No. Animals are bred on factory farms (often on things called “rape racks”… yep) only to be mutilated, tortured, and killed to end up on a plate. Every person who takes a stand against cruelty to animals and stops eating animals lessens the demand for these animals to be killed, therefore lessening the number of animals bred. The world isn’t going to go vegan overnight, so animals won’t be overpopulated and “taking over” as some people think.

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Yes, factory farms are keeping animals alive, technically—but they live in their own waste, in filthy cages and sheds, bred to be so heavy they can’t walk, confined to cages so small they can’t ever lie down, and are just waiting to have their throats slit or to be dismembered while fully conscious. This is no kind of life for anyone, and animals simply shouldn’t be treated this way.

What do you think, gURLs? Do you know anyone who has a farm and treats their animals well? What’s it like? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and keep your questions comin’! See you soon!

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  • Lucy

    This post does not answer the question at all and reads entirely as propaganda. Regardless of whether or not the facts are true, this post does a very poor job of making PETA sound like a logical, reasonable organization and instead makes them sound like shady politicians who refuse to answer direct questions. I think it’s great that PETA is taking questions, but it only hurts their cause if they respond to them with unrelated inflammatory posts.

  • Skyrider

    I think you can eat meat without eating meat from corporations and factories. I agree that some breeding and killing practices are inhumane and horrible. I don’t think slaughtering a grass fed cow is as apalling, though I’ll admit I can see why it is upsetting. Also, on a side note, a wider audience could be reached if the articles didn’t contain so much loaded language: they sound a bit accusatory and dramatic. Whatever, maybe that’s the angle you’re going for.