Is There Such Thing as a Free Pregnancy Test? Apparently Not.

Thinking about getting a pregnancy test, but don’t want to shell out the cash for one? It might be worth it to pay up — especially if you don’t want a side of guilt while you’re peeing on the stick.

Check out what happened to one gURL who thought she was getting a at-home test for free:

I ended up going to to get a free pregnancy test. I received it in the mail today. And a note.

‘Hi mom,

Will you let me breathe? I am and will ever be indebted to you for life. You’re my mother I will always honor you and speak your name with reverence because without you I would not be.

I want to crawl, I want to run and jump, I want to laugh and cry. I want [to] know hot and cold. I want to feel pain and joy. I want to feel the warm sun on my face. I want to feel the rush of wind as I run on the cool green grass. I want to see your eyes, I want to feel your loving embrace, I want to feel your soft warm lips on my cheeks…

(etc, etc.)

Mom I need you! I need you for a body, for life. Please help me. We won’t know what I will become unless you give me a chance. Who knows? I might be the next sports superstar, I might be a famous actress, I might play music that makes others dance and feel hope…

(etc, etc.)

Whatever the struggle, whatever difficulties you’re facing, will you sacrifice some for me and give me a chance at life?’

Wow… thoughts? WDYT!? By the way, not pregnant!

The gURL also mentioned: “[the note was] actually a full page in length and it looks like it’s size 10 font or less … I just quoted a few sections of the note to type out on here, to give everyone the basic idea of what it said.

If you go to, it doesn’t say anything about being pro-life unless you dig through their site. Do you think it’s messed up to advertise a free pregnancy test and then send along anti-abortion literature? What do you think of the note? Share your thoughts below!

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  • Jen Salaz

    Abortion is a women’s right. it is her body and their for her decision. she is the one who has to deal with her consequences. YOU are NOT the one to judge. so keep your opinions about abortion to yourself. If YOU or your DAUGHTER or someone else was raped would YOU still want to keep that baby? some people do. People that have abortions are NOT always sluts. SOME are underage and scared. JUDGE OTHERS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE JUDGE. should we look into your background and see how many times YOU lied,cheated,stole,committed adultery. NO because it’s not our business and not for us to judge. WE ALL will be judged by our GOD which ever one you serve. so STOP being a Hippocrates because ALL have SINNED. and ALL SINS are forgivable by your LORD.

  • Tosha

    I don’t believe in abortion but what that company did was way out of line that’s probably why they got shut down.

  • Carmen

    Whatever happened to self respect, virtue or personal responsibility? If you want kids, get married and give them the life they deserve, the life you always wanted, a mom and a dad who love and protect them. If you do not want kids, don’t have sex.
    What gives you the right to kill a baby? If you are immoral, a slut and irresponsible, the solution isn’t to kill your baby. Give the baby up for adoption to someone who will love and cherish it, not pay a Dr. to torture and kill it and sell it’s body parts for cash!
    Work on fixing the root of the problem, YOU. Not torturing and killing the babies you create because of them.

    • Jen Salaz

      You forgot another part. The women who get abortions because they and/or the baby will die. what do u say to those women? are they a slut? NO not all women who get abortions are sluts. irresponsible is killing their-selves and not being around for the others in her life irresponsible? what about the women who are rapped? a lot of them do keep their babies but some teammate . what about the men in the relationship? it takes two to make a baby, NONE of them seem to be getting any of the blame in your post. i believe they are just as much responsible as the mother.
      p.s- lets keep this discussion nice worded.

  • Nyctimene

    Just another stupid tactic of the anti-choice squads. This is the only way they can get people to listen to them, they have to force it by trickery and manipulation and preying upon women in need. But they’re soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better and more honest than dirty women who get abortions!!! (sarcasm).

  • Sara

    Im soooo very sick of having someones religion shoved down my throat. If I had an abortion or not its MY choice. Including garbage like this in a free home pregnancy test is disgusting. Im sick to death of reading about the hypocrisy of the anti choice christians. Not interested in their fear mongering about sex. Tired of them forcing their opinions on everyone. Stuff like this makes me really angry.

  • Lindsay

    I think it’s horrible to put so much pressure on young women on what to do with their bodies. Even though I couldn’t ever see myself getting an abortion, I think that I would have no right to tell other women what to do. I am not in their situation and I can’t speak for them. The media puts so much shame on getting abortions and rarely even discusses it as a valid option. Putting notes like these along with pregnancy tests only increases the pressure. Let women make the decision on what they want to do with their bodies. It’s their decision: not yours.

  • kimberly

    Hey it called adoption if u got raped or u dont want the baby

    • debbie

      So I assume you were also raped. Sense you make it sound so fucking easy to have a child from a mother fucker who raped you. The thought of even having a baby from the man who raped me makes me want to fucking kill myself. So do use all a favor and shut the fuck up.

  • KrissySkyyy

    I BELIEVE the note was great! I’m a seventeen year old in high school with a 5 month old infant. And I never planned on having a child so young. And I would have been glad at that moment to read that letter, there wouldn’t be “pressure” on me to either keep the child or not. It’s your decision, the letter doesn’t make you have doubts it’s just a letter. It’s not your mother, father, aunt, or friend, telling you to keep the child it’s giving you a damn idea on how that baby feels for your PATHETIC mistake. Whether you planned the child or not, you shouldn’t abort a child no matter what situation your in.

    **P.S.- Studies show women who abort their child when their young or old end up depressed, unhappy, and suicidal. (: You’ll learn that in psychology!

    • Jen Salaz

      Good point but what about the men in the relationships. i don’t see them getting attack on abortion. it takes two to make a baby.

  • Keisha McKinney

    Excuse you but I have been raped and had to think about the possibility of being pregnant. Even in that moment of having to deal with the thought of caring my Rapists child I didn’t think of it as that way. The child would have been at fault for what that sick guy did to me. So I am sorry if you think I am throwing my beliefs in someones face but from someone who has been there I don’t feel sorry for what I said. If a girl was raped she wouldn’t be getting a free one off the net. I had mine done at my doctors after reporting it to the police and doing a rape kit. Sorry your so quick to start a fight.

    • Jen Salaz

      way to go! it’s the person’s choice.

    • Sherri Brewer

      It is never a child’s fault for the mother being raped. The child never asked to be conceived, or born so don’t put the blame on the child. I’m a 28 yr old mother of 3 children. 2 girls & 1 boy. Ages 7 yrs, 5 1/2 yrs & 2 yrs old. My daughters are 17 months apart. I was 20 yrs old when I got pregnant with my 1st child. Was in no position to care for her . (no job, no car, no license, no education diploma & was living at home with my parents.) I had no way of providing for her but I still kept her not only because I had help from my family, but also because it wasn’t her fault for me getting pregnant with her. I got pregnant with her in the worst way possible by her father who has the worst charge ever. (Now mind you, I did not find out about his charge till I was 8 months pregnant.) Now 7 yrs later that little girl still lights up my life to this very day. Its sad that when she gets older & has the talk with me about the day I found out I was pregnant with her & her birth. Because I’ll have to tell her she was conceived by force & that her father is a sex offender. Her conceive & birth story is a sad 1, but the outcome in the end is the best gift of all. I’d never abort any of my children. My 2nd child who I found out I was pregnant with was when my 1st child was only 8 months old. My 2nd was a complete surprise to me. & my 3rd child (my son) was the only child I planned 2 have & tried to conceive for 3 yrs. I was 25 yrs old when I got pregnant & gave birth to him. I’d never give any of them up. In the end its never a child’s fault for the mother becoming pregnant. Rape or not. A child is never a mistake. Only a blessing from God himself. I believe women who consider children to be burdens or mistakes are selfish & the worst things to walk this earth. If you don’t want the child give it up for adoption. Give it a chance to live life with parents who can care & support it. Not take it’s life away before it even begins. That’s completely selfish, irresponsible, & above all arrogant. U get raped? Give it to ppl who will love & care for it. Just because you get raped, doesn’t mean you have to keep it. & if you don’t get raped, but end up pregnant. Kept it & care for it, or give it up for adoption. As it’s your child, so its your responsibility to take care of it. If your gonna have sex then you best make sure your gonna either take care of the baby or give it up for adoption. If you play, you pay. Of you don’t get raped & you don’t want a baby, its quite simple, keep your damn legs closed. Don’t have sex if you don’t want the responsibility of caring for a baby or the decision of putting a baby up for adoption. Its that simple.

  • Julia

    I personally believe that it is ridiculous for anti-choice (pro-life) groups to put literature with free pregnancy tests. I am pro-choice and know that when a woman is facing a possible unwanted pregnancy, they are experiencing many different feelings. Any woman who is facing pregnancy is already facing the different decisions she must make. NOBODY NEEDS TO BE PRESSURED or be forced to feel guility just becuse someone put some literature along with a free pregnancy test.

    I’m pretty sure that whoever has written these pro-chocie letters want to help the world, but wouldnt it be more helpful to post more open-minded literature. I think if there were any literature attached to a pregnancy test it would include option for the person. This would include info about abortion, adoption and keeping the baby. It would also include information on how to find good doctors and services to help them

    What we really need is to inform the commuinity about pregnancy, sex education and the services available to them. People need to know that there are places (Planned Parenthood, etc.) that will offer free or cheaper pregnancy tests, birth control and condoms without any judgement and with confidentiality.

  • I would have just read the letter and thrown it away. It’s not creepy or tacky, but the company obviously wants others to have the same opinion. If someone does not want to deal with others’ opinions then be abstinent.