Help Me Peta2: How Do We Really Know if Animals Suffer?

Hey! Rachel again, here to answer all of your questions about animal rights! A few weeks ago you submitted questions to about veganism, PETA, and more! I’m answering them this week. Check it out!

Do chickens really know that they’re living in “harsh conditions”?

If you were taken from your mom when you were just a little kid, had your nose cut off without any painkillers, and were thrown into a dark, tiny room with six other girls (who you didn’t know and didn’t necessarily like), and kept there for your whole life, would you know? Imagine living in the same room day after day, being forced to go to the bathroom right where you (try to) sleep, standing in other people’s waste, and not even being able to lie down or stretch your arms… until you’re grabbed out of the room, packed into a truck with all of those other girls (and hundreds more), and sent to be killed. Seriously.

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Some people claim that animals never know how awful they’re being treated, but think about that—could that really be true? Think about it this way: Children who are born into poverty and never know a running water faucet… do they never desire clean water? Of course they do! Even animals who have been on factory farms their entire lives don’t enjoy being abused, neglected, denied veterinary care, food and water, and affection. No one does.

How do you feel, gURLs? Do you agree or disagree? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and keep your questions comin’! See you soon!

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  • Abi

    We rescued 4 chickens about 9 months ago. They were barn hens and is a horrible state. All of thier feathers were falling out and they kept pecking them out, because thats how they’d entertain themselves in the barn. We had to put them to bed each night because they didn’t know what to do with themselves, it was horrible to watch. Sadly one passed away and we still don’t really know why 🙁 but the others are so much better now. They’ve got load of feathers, they love roaming around the garden and never stop eating. I think animals do know they’re living in harsh conditions because when you take them out of those conditions and put them somewhere way better, they don’t know what to do. And they become healthier because they want to carry on living, especially in a nice place