watch: this cartoon taught us more about pregnancy than health class ever did!

how cute are they?

Not exactly sure how pregnancy happens? We got ya covered.

Check out this hilarious and seriously helpful Planned Parenthood video to learn exactly how sex goes from bumping & grinding into a baby:

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WDYT of the vid? Did you learn anything new? And seriously, how much do you love that gURL’s vagina dress? Discuss!

more ways to get gURLy:

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  • Taye Elima

    Lol that penuis dude is so funny lol wanna go to my plc tonight hahah man i wish i can have sex but not get pregnet but wat about condoms

  • Serena

    lol omg so funny it took me a while to notice that the guy was a apenis and the girl is the vagina lol but i learned alot

  • Emily

    great vid. i actually did luv her dress

  • Jazmine

    That was hilarious! But, I learned alot. It took me like 30 seconds to find out he was a penis. Good video.

    • Taye Elima

      Yea I saw his lil head and i was like yay a cock and this isso funny when she keepin saying vagina he all happy and stuff haha