What Do My Sex Dreams Mean?

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Dear Heather,

I had a dream a couple nights ago about sex acts with my crush and his 3 friends all at once. Is that morally wrong, and am I normal for dreaming this? Does this dream mean I want to have intercourse with all of them? PLEASE HELP, because I can’t look at them without almost passing out.

Even though it may have seemed real, a dream is just a dream. It’s never morally wrong to have a dream about something (since, after all, you can’t control it) and dreaming about sex is perfectly normal.

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While it’s true that sometimes dreaming has to do with our personal desires and fantasies, other times, they’re just completely random. I know you’re embarrassed and freaked out, but don’t let it worry you too much and try not to let it interfere with your real life. No one will ever know you dreamed about them as long as you don’t tell people about it.

And just to add: “Morally wrong” is a state of mind when it comes to sex. There’s nothing wrong with a gURL exploring her sexuality with multiple partners, as long as she feels comfortable with it and is being safe about it. It’s not for everyone, but if a gURL does it, that doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with her.

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Good luck and feel better!

What about you, gURLs? Do you ever have sex dreams? What’s the strangest one you’ve had? Share your stories and advice below!

take care,

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  • Katinnity

    I’m 11 and had a dream about these scary creatures but near the end, it turned into a human with wings and his name was tommy. I had sex with him and sometimes he turned into my science teacher. I feel so pervy… I looked it up cause I was disturbed and it’s only puberty trying to fuck with you. Don’t worry xD

  • Scarlett

    I am a virgin and I’m 13 years old. I have not gone through puberty yet. I had a dream where I was having sex but it was in a room in my house. It wasn’t will anyone, it was just myself. I was basically acting as if there was someone doing it with me, but there was no one actually there. Then, I see that there is cameras and I’m scared my mom is going to see that I wanna have sex, when I don’t. I don’t think its right to have sex before marriage.

  • Haro

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  • Paula Hackler Cooper

    I’m am a 13 year old girl I have not gone thru puberty yet and I keep having sex dreams please help me they won’t leave me alone they have Ian somerhalder in them and he stokes my cheek and it goes on from there

  • britteney

    i had a dream about sex is that usual it was with the one i love and all his friends and three others and i have a friend called luke and his friends i had a dream about having sex with his mates as well is that usual is it normal for a young teenage girl to dream about sex i dont feel weird i don’t even talk to my mum about it because i am scared she will think that i am thinking about having sex or i am having sex what should i do i feel strange but once i have dreamed about sex i feel brilliant i’m confused should i feel this way.

  • Claire Sally

    I keep having these sex dreams about different people having sex, I mean its never me having sex, I am always someone else doing it. Its horrible though!! I am only sixteen and these dreams are wrong, please help me!!

    • Claire Sally

      And by the way, I am a virgin and I do not masturbate, I don’t even have a boyfriend. But I have seen porn before which I think might have sumthing to do with it