Help Me Peta2: Why is Peta So Extreme??

Hey! Rachel again, here to answer all of your questions about animal rights! A few weeks ago you submitted questions to about veganism, PETA, and more! I’m answering them this week. Check it out!

Why is PETA so extreme in their campaigns?

We wish our ads could just contain the facts.  We wish we could show everyone a photo of a chicken on a factory farm–her wings broken and her beak seared off–and tell people they could help by simply not eating meat, but unfortunately, ads like that don’t always work.

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We all know that sex sells, that edgy and quirky things get attention–so PETA works to do things that are compelling, even if a little risqué or controversial. If you think PETA is extreme, you should watch this video of animals literally being skinned alive for someone to wear a fur coat. Is PETA really extreme for trying to tell people about how they can stop this?

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What do you think, gURLs? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and keep your questions comin’! See you soon!

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  • Susie

    Like others have commented already — you can promote your message and grab your audience’s attention without degrading half of the human race. It’s not justified. You can’t preach ethics when your preaching methods are unethical.

  • KelseyTremainee

    I think that PETA is WAY too extreme. I visited their blog and, just like some crazy religious people, they push their beliefs. It’s one thing to state your opinion, but to tell someone that they are wrong because they think differently is harsh. Telling us that someone who eats meat doesn’t care about animals is useless. You don’t know that. Not all of the animals that we consume were neglected or abused. Just because we eat meat doesn’t mean that we don’t care, it just means that we like meat.

  • Kaitlin

    PETA needs to make sure to thoroughly research the stuff they're going against and the consequences and benefits of it. I'm an animal-lover, and really hate it when I see an animal beaten, neglected, abused, or killed for human wants, but sometimes, it's a necessity.

    For example, the horse-slaughter plants in America. Since the last of them shut down, approx. 100,000 more horses are being deserted, starved, abused, and neglected. Rescue centers don't have the room nor money to house these animals. And the ones that are shipped to slaughter in Mexico? They're far worse off than those that were in America, because Mexico has no regulations for the general well-being of the horses being killed. America did.

    Just a thought.

    • Skyrider

      You’ve got a good point. It’s awful, but it’s realistic. I am opposed to the Premarin mares because those are just producing more and more horses that get slaughtered. As a horse owner, I find slaughter apalling. As a volunteer on a horse rescue farm, the other results can be far worse.

  • meg

    I think what you're forgetting is that you can't battle one injustice with another. While Peta may do some good work for helping animals, they do anything but when it comes to representing women. They are degrading to women and present them as sex objects.

    Sex may sell but it doesn't make their point any better. It is the same sexist rubbish just with apparently more 'ethical' packaging.

    • lalala

      agreed…its like while you're trying to help animals is great but the fact that you have to use women as sex objects to sell it is not cool. They're also promoting the ideas of naked pictures and that sex industries are totally fine. No, they aren't.

      • victor cazares

        all these women are volunteers ! they are fighting for what they believe which is what women in powering is all about 🙂

        all these women who rather go naked than wear fur are true roll models unlike the cruella deviell wanna bees who look like gramas that know that animls are skin alive and have the necks broken and are fine with it so sad ……… they are really giving women a bad name

        • Stina

          you know, they wouldn’t have to be naked.. there are clothes made of other materials..

          and also, it’s stupid to sell animal rights with nudity. Are you people out of your mind?