Help Me Peta2: How Do I Get My Mom to Be A Vegetarian Like Me?

there are WAY worse ways you can annoy you mom

Hi! Rachel from peta2 here—your animal rights expert! Today I’ll be checking in on some of the questions you gURLs left on my other post. Check it out!

Sophia told me she recently watched a video and decided she wanted to go vegetarian, but that her mom is standing in her way and she’s not sure how to break it to her that she wants to stop eating meat.

Dear Sophia,

This is actually a pretty common problem–you’re not alone! First of all, congratulations on seeing something that was wrong and taking a stand against it.

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The best thing to do to break it to your mom is to sit her down and talk to her about why you’ve decided not to eat animals. Videos can speak for themselves–so show her the video at and tell her you feel passionately about becoming a healthy vegetarian.

Most likely she’ll be concerned about your health (even though there is little reason to be!) and maybe she’ll wonder what you can eat. Luckily, peta2 has tons of resources that you can share with her! Show her this two week meal plan, our Recipe of the Week blogs, and this guide put together by doctors on eating vegetarian. Giving up animals products can be the best thing you can do for your body–and lessens your chances of heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, and obesity, along with saving lots of animals every year.

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She also doesn’t have to worry about you having a lack of options–there are veggie burgers, veggie hot dogs, vegan cheeses, vegan ice creams, and more! You aren’t giving anything up, just choosing the veggie alternatives.

Alright gURLs! Comment below with what YOU think. I’ll be back soon to give you the how-to on answering some common vegan myths (and answering more of your questions!).

Rachel from peta2

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  • gabgab0902

    the monkey is grabbing her nipple

  • Nat-x

    I also had the same problem, untill i found this article. I showed this exact same article to my mom and she was ok with me being vegitarian! 😀 this really helped!

  • Marie

    I told my mom in a grocery store. I put soymilk in the cart and I said "Mom, I am going to drink this because I am lactose intalerant. You are too. And by the way, I don't eat meat anymore." She thought it was a faze. Shes gotten use to it now, it upsets my dad sometimes, but hes use to it too. I have to cook for myself sometimes, but ya gatta break the ice sometimes.

  • Sophia Coughlin

    This helped allot, i just can't find the right time to break it to her :/

  • Allison T

    When I told my mom i was going vegetarian, she said it was fine. I have to sometimes cook my own food, but it's worth it. I help save animals every year. Friends and sometimes family tease me though. I think that's fine because I'm helping to save animals, not them. 😀