Why Do You Love Being Single? Here’s Our Reasons!

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You always hear about how great it is to have someone and be in love. While l-o-v-e can totally be fine and dandy (when it’s real, that is)– relationships aren’t everything. In fact, like Heather says, they can be kind of annoying and dramatic at times. Here’s why we think it’s awesome to be a single gURL.

No worrying about anyone but you. Being single means you never have to consider if what you’re planning on doing is “best” for the both of you. You wanna jet halfway across the world to study Spanish on the coast of Spain, or sleep over a long-lost best friend’s house for a few days?  Look in the mirror and consult it with the most important person, and the only person you’ll need permission from.

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Free range on hooking up. You don’t have to hook up with anything that walks, but let’s be honest — who’s gonna stop you? Your stock goes up when you’re on the market and there are plenty of prospects out there. Have fun, experiment, and do what you feel is right. (Just make sure you’re safe about it, plz.)

Heavier pockets, anyone? You can save SO much money on anniversaries, monthaversaries, and “oh this was the first day we held hands”-a-versaries. Gather up the excess cash and use it to celebrate Single and Loving it Day. Disclaimer: We pretty much just made that day up, but strongly think it should exist.

If you keep your heart, it can never get broken. Poetic, clichéd, and true. You don’t have to worry about stepping on eggshells so you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings or having your feelings hurt. Best of all, you can keep your heart safely tucked away — right next to your dignity, hopes, and dreams.

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Everything that’s yours is really yours! You don’t need to share a drink, your affection, or the covers with anyone. Some might call it selfish, but we call it making your life yours again.

More time with your friends and family. Just think about all the hours that you otherwise would have wasted by boo-loving on the phone. When you’re single you have more time to spend with your friends and family. You won’t have to worry about anyone feeling neglected because “you don’t hang out as much as you use to.”

You get to be exactly you. Sometimes in relationships, we change and compromise who we are to impress our sweeties. You can take your single time figuring out exactly who you are and what you want, and the people who are attracted to you when you’re just being you are the ones who you want to be around anyway. No stressing about which dress s/he’ll like you best in or if you should even wear that dress because they might think it’s too revealing. Who cares? Not you.

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There are way too many songs about being single for it to not be cool. Beyonce happens to sing two really good ones (“Irreplaceable” and “Single Ladies”), then there’s Rilo Kiley (“Silver Lining”), and Gloria Gaynor (“I Will Survive”). If you ever feel down about being single, listen to one of these wise women.

You don’t have to break up with anyone! If you’re not with anyone, you can avoid the headache of figuring out how to break up with them. Score.

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