Reader Confession: I Accidentally Became a Facebook Stalker!

You hear a lot about people getting poked, friended, and annoyed by Facebook stalkers… but what happens when you’re the one doing the creeping? Find out how this gURL became the kind of friend request she hates:

“About 4 or 5 months ago I sent a friend request to a guy over Facebook. I was in high hopes of him adding me and us getting to know each other. He ignored my request and told me that he would only add me if we got to know each other more. I understood and tried my best (to only fail) at getting to know him more.

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Today I decided I would look at his profile. I sent another request thinking that maybe he had noticed me around our school and he would think I seemed nice. He ignored it once again and sent me a message telling me to leave him alone until we talked in person. It was a very rude email, by the way.

I feel so embarrassed and stupid that I tried to send him another request and I bet he thinks I am a stalker! I have no idea what I should do because I know I should have just left it at one request. I feel like I have to hide! What should I do?”

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What should this gURL do now? Have you ever been a Facebook stalker? How’d you get back your rep? And, want to share your own Confession? Send it in to!

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  • Nicole

    Take it from someone who is the queen of getting creeped on! Apologize and leave it at that! If he wants to hang out, let him come to you. If not, he’s not worth your time!

  • Chaney

    I, personally, would just tell him that he looked like a cool person and that you never meant to seem like a stalker. Maybe reply to the messages he sent you on Facebook and ask him random questions then after about ten or fifteen say “Now we know each other. Wanna hang out sometime?” I’m kinda random like that but I think it could work.

  • lenny

    dude. that's really creepy. just tell him you're sorry and move on.haha

  • Remirhymie

    Er, I'm normally the one who's being FB stalked, but, um… You know what, I'm not too good at this empathy thing, haha. Um, just send him a message and explain how you're sorry you sent those messages and you'll leave him alone until you get to know him better. DON'T SEND IT AND ASK TO BE FRIENDS! That's insta-creeper status right there. He already thinks you're weird. Don't make him think you're crazy obssessive too.

    The time span between the requests, I now see, was a while, so I see why he could be like that. But until you have a class with him or something, don't try to add him. I'm the same type of person, I really only add people I know very well and it seems like he's a bit paranoid of your motives. Just try to talk to him at school, but don't you dare try to send another until you get to the point to where you see each other you can say "hey" in a friendly, familiar tone. Otherwise, creeper-ville.

  • Sarah

    I know how you feel! At my old school I was accepted by everyone. At my new school, guys begin to ignore requests, and NOT just to me, but to lots of other girls. It's so annoying. I'm like, "dude, you can get to know me online too!" isn't that one of the many reasons Facebook was invented? I feel like you should just email this to him, "Listen, I'm sorry if I seem like a stalker, but I do want to get to know you, but I we basically never talk in real life. Wanna talk tomorrow, I guess?" something like that. That's how I got some guys to accept my requests 🙂 just be calm and cool. If he ignores you again (or possibly blocks you) I say "whatever," and move on and find someone else to hang and "obsess" over LOL. Good luck! -Sarah

    • koko

      I agree! That sounds like good advice ^.^'