American Idol’s Pia Toscano Opens Up About Losing

Not gonna lie: When our gURL Pia Toscano was eliminated from American Idol, we were seriously shocked. Luckily, we were able to chat with Pia about her experience on the show and get a peace of mind about saying goodbye.

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Says Pia, “If you make a mistake, it’s just helping you grow.  You learn from those mistakes, so I wouldn’t change a thing.  I truly agree with everything that the judges said to me–all their constructive criticism.  I’ve tried to work on my weaknesses, and I will continue to do so.”

She also added, “I had so much fun.  I know I have to just get more comfortable on stage.  I am a little shy sometimes, and I do get a little bit of stage fright.”

As for who will win, the gURL’s not ready to name names: “It’s anybody’s game right now.  I feel like every single one of the contestants are like extremely strong.  They all have their own unique quality about them that makes them special.  So I definitely–you really don’t know.  I could never say for sure if a girl’s going to win or a guy’s going to win, but I know each and every one the contestants that are in it right now deserve to be there.”

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Are you upset about Pia’s elimination? Are you psyched for her debut album? And who are you rooting for on Idol now? Discuss below!

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  • libra

    I believe that Rand y and his new panel used their save prematurely as Pia the best singer on the show should have been saved. No one else has the talent as Pia except in the country category Scott McCreery. He has a wonderful voice whom I believe will go far in country music…Otherwise there isn’t much talent that stands out. American Idol no longer is an appointment show for me & many other people I know. I wonder what Simon would say…hmmmm..The present panel is boring compared to Simon!!!! Randy has even gone soft..hmmmm..makes me think as they say on Yahoo Radio..does it even matter anymore who wins on American Idol?