Help Me Peta2: Why Is It Cruel to Eat Animals If They Hunt Each Other in Nature??

Hi! Rachel from peta2 here—your animal rights expert! Today I’ll be checking in on some of the questions you gURLs left on my last post. Check it out!

Anonymous Girl said she’s against the testing of animals for cosmetic purposes (great!), and doesn’t approve of animal cruelty without cause–but she doesn’t see why eating animals is such a cruel thing to do because it’s the way of nature, and how things have always been. She also had some concerns about the health aspect of a vegetarian diet.

You’re right. Animals have killed for food for a long time–but just because something’s been done for a long time doesn’t make it right. Consider slavery or child labor–both things that had “always been that way” and were considered normal at one time, but were they morally correct? Absolutely not! Both of those things were brought to light and ended because of the voices of a small group of people who stood up, against opposition, and fought for what was right.

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The factory farming system–where animals are “stored” in urine, feces, and corpse infested sheds, have their teeth ripped out without any painkillers, their testicles ripped out while fully able to feel pain, and who are beaten, neglected, and killed–couldn’t be further from the way of nature. On factory farms, animals are denied clean air, sunshine, the ability to roam (and in most cases, the ability to turn around or lie down comfortably) and are sexually abused, beaten, and killed in ways that are deplorable and utterly shocking.

I think you might benefit from watching this video, which will show you what happens behind the scenes at a factory farm near you: [ED NOTE: This video is definitely sad for animals, but quite gruesome.] (Also consider that 97-99% of all animals eaten come from these conditions.)

In the real circle of life, animals would hunt, forage, play with other animals, form relationships and bonds, be with their families, and get to roam freely. On factory farms, they are denied every single thing they would ever desire to do–and often feel the sunshine on their back for the very first time as they’re thrown onto the back of transport trucks bound for slaughter. Animals on factory farms are sick, neglected, and tortured in ways that would be illegal if done to dogs and cats. On the flip side, it’s actually so unnatural to raise and kill animals this way that it’s literally killing the planet as the number ONE cause of climate change (and that’s from the United Nations, not PETA).

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In addition–it’s actually wholly unnatural for us to eat animals. Our teeth are designed not for ripping and tearing like a true carnivore, but are more like an herbivore–for grinding and chewing. There are about ten very clear differences between humans and carnivores, including that our intestines are the wrong length, our stomach the wrong acidity, and more. You can read all of the differences here. We eat animals not to survive, but simply because we can–and because they don’t fight back.

As for health concerns, any diet can be unhealthy, and surely vegetarians and vegans shouldn’t survive on chips and candy alone (which is practically the only way one could be completely devoid of nutrients as claimed). Vegans can get protein through almost anything–broccoli, leafy greens, beans, tofu, and more, and did you know that milk and dairy products actually LEECH calcium from your bones? More efficient ways to get calcium are through black and other beans, leafy greens, broccoli, tofu, and fortified soy and almond milks. You can read more about protein and calcium here.

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Alright gURLs! Comment below with what YOU think. I’ll be back soon to give you the how-to on answering some common vegan myths (and answering more of your questions!).

Rachel from peta2

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  • june

    Not all meat-eaters are bad! I get almost one hundred percent of the meat I eat from local sources. I get chickens and turkeys from a family with a free range chicken farm, fish that my family caught, and moose meat from my dad.
    I agree that cruelty to animals is not good, but peta is way too pushy and biased for my taste.

  • Karrol Courtney

    Why are some people vegetarians but eat things like fish and other ocean critters?

  • Katy

    @Elena – Some animals eat other animals because they can't digest grass and stuff, but as humans, we have vegetables, fruits, grains, and a wide variety of foods that we can eat instead of meat :/

    But otherwise, this article is obviously taking sides, and a lot of it is just bullsh## o.e
    I'm a vegetarian, but I don't think everyone should give up eating meat if they don't want to.

  • lalala

    Okay this article deffinantly over exaggerates uhm EVERYTHING. Many meat eaters aren't gonna give up eating meat and eating meat isn't "Morally wrong". Eating food and slavery are two TOTALLY different things. It's a natural thing that happens EVERYDAY! Among people AND animals. So I'm pretty sure animals aren't being "Morally Wrong"….I'm sorry PETA goes over the top sometimes. They're kinda crazy and lie, exaggerate and stretch the truth as you see in this article here. They're also trying to change a natural way of life too!

    • Dee

      True dat

    • Skyrider

      These are the people that busted Obama for swatting and killing a fly… I kid you not.

  • Serena

    I'm sorry, I have to throw my two cents in here, this is a wholly bigoted, biased article, and pretty much manages to reprimand "meat eaters" rather than inform about ANYTHING; there is no "evidence" outside PETA that milk will leech calcium out of your body (do you make up all your facts?), rather dairy aids in the fight against osteoporosis. In addition, animal protein contains all of the essential amino acids required to function, should one choose veganism, they would have to monitor their diet meticulously to ensure all nutrients are being obtained (who honestly has time for that, really?)…on a related note, research shows vitamin B12 can only be found in meat, dairy, and eggs. I would genuinely have more respect if PETA tried harder to help people make their own choices via documented information, rather than repeating the same lines over and over again.

    I love animals, I do, but you're going about this the wrong way.

    • Luvli

      Exactly! and all friggin PETA does is push their beliefs on us. I persnally think it's bullsh##. I know people who raise the cows for god sakes. They are too damn biased and this is making me upset.

  • Elena

    I just have one thing to point out about this – "You’re right. Animals have killed for food for a long time–but just because something’s been done for a long time doesn’t make it right."

    Um…animals kill for food because some of them are carnivores and are unable to digest food that isn't meat…

    • Britt

      That’s what I thought when I read it! If animals do it, why can’t we?

  • Stina

    I'm surely sad for the mistreated animals but hell no, i'm never giving up on meat nor milk and dairy products. And neither will billions of people. I think it's wrong trying to get your belifes across to young children here, I totally disagree on almost everything you sed.

  • Luvli

    My neighbor raises cows for meat. The cows are treated like well pets. They are not disrespected nor abused. He feeds them and treats them nicely. It his source of income so people could lose jobs.

    • Ann

      my family has farmed cattle since anyone can remember! matter of fact, I’m the first member of my family NOT too have been raised on a farm, although i do visit my grandpa’s farm sometimes. They have a giant pen outside, and plenty of grazing room. They also have a barn for the winter and rain storms, AND they can come and so as they please. they are fed silage. (ground up corn, it’s what is stored in silos) Trust me, we’ve never sexually abused, or beaten any cows. Calcium in milk doesn’t “leech” calcium from your bones. (although if you also don’t have enough Vitamin D it is ineffective. Vitamin D is also found in milk) This article is, not only biased, misleading, but it’s also completely wrong! When a lion kills a wildebeest, no one questions the morality of it! So yes Anonymous Girl you CAN eat meat and still love animals. My diet is comprised mainly of meat and if i see a poor wounded animal, i’d help it. I like puppies and kittens just as much as anyone else! People are OMNIVORES! That means they eat both plants and animals. Our front teeth are made specifically for eating MEAT. Meat is GOOD for you. It’s on the food pyramid for a reason! Anonymous Girl, there is nothing cruel about eating meat. Anything that says otherwise is a lie.