cyber sex: think you’re the cutest vegetarian? prove it!

are you cuter than this little lady?

Wanna win the title of Cutest Vegetarian Alive? One lucky animal lover will win a professional photo shoot AND the opportunity to star in a peta2 ad! Get on it! [peta2]

Sometimes celebs like Lady Gaga say really smart, insightful things about body image. Other times, um… notsomuch. [College Candy]

Did Jenelle Evans fake that big fight she was in? It sure looks that way! [Ology]

Do you believe these 25 “universal truths” about men? What are 25 truths about gURLs? [Savvy Miss]

Even if your prom turns out to be really bad (fingers crossed that it won’t!), you can find comfort in the fact that you won’t look this awkward! [Buzzfeed]

And finally, does your camel toe ever show? It’s embarrassing, but fixable! [The Frisky]

more ways to get gURLy:

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