discuss: study finds music may cause depression in gURLs.

she looks happy! what's she listening to?

Attention music lovers: A study found that teens who jam out when they’re feeling down are 8.3% more likely to be depressed than other people.

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According to JSYK, teens who spent most of their time reading books were one-tenth as likely to be depressed.

Don’t worry though! This doesn’t necessarily mean you should stop listening to music (especially if you <3 it!). Says the head of the study, “At this point, it is not clear whether depressed people begin to listen to more music to escape, or whether listening to large amounts of music can lead to depression, or both.”

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When you’re feeling down, what helps ease the pain? Do you listen to music, read books, or something else? Discuss below.

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  • Ali

    i read and listen 2 alot of music i’m a lttle depressed and i cut alittle

  • Ray

    I used to be depressed a year or so ago and listening to music made me feel happier, even though I wasn’t neccesarily listening to happy music.

  • d.k. henry

    depends on the kind of music you are listening to. if you're listening to sad depressing songs that make you want to cry, of course you'll be even more depressed. if you're listening to happy upbeat music then it'll most likely make you happy. happy upbeat music isn't really my style but when I'm depressed i listen to A LOT of The Fray while reading, writing or drawing. Sometimes crying helps too. music, writing and drawing are my life and i don't think i could ever give them up…

  • Adriana

    I don't think that makes any sense. I could see getting semi-deppressed because of listening to freaky emo stuff but not music in general. Then again if your really into music you might be a total loner trying to find a friend in lyrics. I don't know some of those studies a really weird.

  • Jessie

    I'm an ex-cutter, I tend to listen to music or play guitar in place of cutting. It is making me less depressed, not more.

  • I don't see how that works. It's not true for me and I do both; I read and listen to music often. I prefer fiction, but I read a good amount of nonfiction as well. I listen to music while I work out, which is for 2-3 hours a day, 6 days a week. Honestly, my habits now are similar to when I was depressed for years in the past. It's all in your head sometimes. I tell myself not to get depressed and I don't.